Throwback Thursday: Holiday Packaging by the Numbers [Infographic]

December 8, 2016
EPS_holiday packaging

The 2016 holiday shopping trends are looking good—up and to the right! There’s plenty of shopping days left in the holiday season, which is a good indicator more positive holiday retail news. For this Throwback Thursday, we look at this infographic for a breakdown  packaging’s role in the gift-buying and -giving.  The holiday season is

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Cold Chain History: How Did Ice Houses Work?

December 6, 2016

Cold-chain packaging can’t be faked. You either get it right or you don’t. There is no hiding mistakes. Have you ever wondered how cold chain worked before the freezer? Was the world doomed to drink hot beverages all summer long? Not exactly. In fact, cold chain logistics has a longer history than you may realize.

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Paper: Clark Kent or Superman? Both.

December 1, 2016

People think paper is just flimsy piece of scrap wood pulp that is about as exciting as watching paint dry. Those people are wrong. While you may think of paper as the Clark Kent of the world, we know the true identity is more like Superman. It’s a remarkably adaptable, useful and easy-to-use packaging material.

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Big Questions in Drone Delivery

November 29, 2016

Prime Air, Project Wing, Matternet. These sound like titles of new science fiction movies, but they are the names of drone delivery programs. And there are many more where those came from. There’s a mini arms race for providing consumer orders faster from unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), the official names for drones. Needless to say,

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Throwback Thursday: Whether It’s Thanksgiving Dinner or Packaging … It’s All About the Blend

November 24, 2016

We are beyond grateful that we’ve been able to celebrate our 70th anniversary with you over the last two weeks. It’s because of our extended Ernest family that we have been able to grow from a one-car garage to 12 divisions. We thank YOU! Now…let’s talk turkey for this Throwback Thursday. At Ernest Packaging Solutions,

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Predicting the Next 70 Years of Packaging

November 22, 2016
drone delivery

In case you haven’t heard, this month Ernest Packaging Solutions turns 70! That’s right, what began in the humble confines of a garage in Los Angeles has grown into one of the most innovative package design companies around. A lot has changed in the packaging world in the last 70 years. That is why we

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Opening (Garage) Doors Since 1946

November 17, 2016

What do all of these garages have in common? Some of the world’s greatest companies began in garages. You’re probably even reading this blog on a device made by a company founded in a garage. Nike, Amazon, Google, Disney, Apple, Microsoft … you name it, and it probably was founded with some tables and chairs

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Ernest Time Capsule: 1946 [Infographic]

November 16, 2016

It seems like only yesterday that Ernest Packaging Solutions was delivering paper products to businesses enjoying the post-war boom in America. Take a trip down memory lane with us as we relive our past and honor the people who created the innovation machine that we know today. Let’s take a look at what was happening

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70 Years of Taking on Challenges [Video]

November 14, 2016
70YearHeader copy

Sound the trumpets, bring out the cake, and prepare the glitter cannon! Ernest is turning 70 years young! That’s right, our packaging company that started in a garage in 1946, when two brothers returned from WWII to start a career, is now entering our eighth decade! Ernest and Charles Wilson started small but took on

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Veteran’s Day TBT: An Interview with Mr. Wilson

November 10, 2016
Mr Wilson Quote

Tomorrow is Veterans Day, and we wanted to pay a tribute to a man who is both a World War II vet and an essential member of the Ernest Packaging Solutions story. Charles Wilson founded our company with his brother in 1946. He is also the father of Ernest President, Tim Wilson, and is still working

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