Fall in Love with Designer Chocolate Packaging

February 11, 2016
EPS_choc bar

Oompa loompa doompety doo I’ve got a perfect puzzle for you. Oompa loompa doompety why’s this chocolate going so fast? OK, sorry, we got a little carried away there. But with the sugar rush going around the Ernest office due to Valentine’s Day candy, it’s understandable. Plus, with the rise of designer chocolate packaging, we

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What Packaging Size Says About You [Infographic]

February 9, 2016
packaging size header

Every element of package design, from the materials to weight, impact the consumer experience. Some of the experience results from conscious differentiation (preference for resealable packaging for example), while other experiential factors derive from the subconscious. This is referred to as “sensation transference.” Basically, it means people will unconsciously transfer the feelings about a package

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Throwback Thursday: Behind the Scenes of the Super Bowl Halftime Show

February 4, 2016
Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 4.38.03 PM

With the countdown to Super Bowl 50 closing in, we wanted to bring you this Throwback Thursday that shines a spotlight on the awesome logistics of the Super Bowl Halftime Show. Don’t get us wrong, we’re pumped for the Big Game, but we sure get excited about logistics. The Big Game between the Seattle Seahawks and New England

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Food For Thought: Packaging and Consumer Trust

February 2, 2016
Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 1.41.48 PM

Trust is a big deal. When it comes to food, it may be the biggest deal. Like, a monstrously, huge deal. Anything that goes into your body better be extra safe. Establishing trust in food is complicated, and packaging plays a significant role. Adweek, a leading advertising industry publication, recently highlighted some of the key

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Throwback Thursday: Shaun White, the Olympics, the X Games and a Corrugated Snowboard

January 28, 2016
EPS_tbt snowboard

Winter X Games Aspen 2016 kicks off today in Aspen, and we can’t wait to see the latest tricks and flips on the slopes. On this Throwback Thursday, we’re still wondering what possibilities Shaun White, who wasn’t invited to the games this year, missed by not riding our corrugated snowboard. Check out just how extreme snowboarding can get.

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Future of Pharma Packaging: Sterilized, Personalized & Specialized

January 26, 2016
eps_pharma 2

According to a December 2015 study, the $58 billion pharmaceutical packaging market is expected to surpass $90 billion by 2022. That number, if it were a country’s GDP, would rank right between Ecuador and Oman in terms of size. In other words, it’s a lot. Like how much vegans like talking about being vegans: a

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Cardboard Fender Guitar Questions Get Answered

January 21, 2016
EPS_cc fender fu

Oh my! Who would have thought that our crazy little cardboard Fender Stratocaster would have become the viral hit that it did? (To be honest, we had a feeling). But, just look at the love we got from places like Hypebeast, Gizmodo, Daily Mail, Popular Mechanics and, of course, the one and only Fender Blog!

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Butter Not Miss This! Popcorn Packaging at its Best

January 19, 2016
Popcorn in a bowl on wooden table

Chances are good that you either received or consumed some kind of popcorn over the holidays. Whether it’s a delicate gourmet situation, big plastic bags of the spicy kind, or the traditional three-way tins, popcorn remains an American favorite during any time of the year. While the popcorn variety of maize was domesticated by South

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How Cardboard Can Insulate You from Winter Cold

January 14, 2016
EPS_cold man

Last week’s NFL game between the Minnesota Vikings and Seattle Seahawks was the third coldest playoff game on record with wind chills hovering around -20F. The Vikings told fans to bring cardboard to place under their feet within the stadium. Um…what? This wasn’t some kind of wacky superstition to help the team win (which it

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2016 Packaging Trends To Watch

January 12, 2016
Businessman Looking Through Binoculars Against Sky

Welcome to the New Year, everyone! Now that the ball has dropped, toasts have been made and resolutions likely broken, it’s time to get back to business. To help prepare for the best and most up-to-date packaging in 2016, some of our Ernest design experts tell us what to expect in the way of trends

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