The Heat is On, But Is Your Packaging Game On Point?

May 24, 2016

Want to know a little secret? There is an entire genre of YouTube channels that show what happens when you heat up things like copper, steel, aluminum or a ball of nickel and drop it on stuff. Stuff could be anything, like a Jaw-Breaker candy, Dawn Soap or the ever-impressive watermelon, which took the red

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Turning Trees into Corrugated Art

May 19, 2016
Green leaf on cardboard background

Paris-based sculptor and artist Eva Jospin creates surreal three-dimensional “forests” out of recycled corrugated cardboard. As the artsy Creative Boom blog puts it, “With the brown colour and corrugated textures of cardboard perfectly imitating the common features found on trees, such as bark and winding branches, Jospin painstakingly cuts and glues the material to make

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Fun and Easy Playtime Ideas with Packaging

May 17, 2016

The kids are home for summer and you’re starting to hear the dreaded words “I’m bored.” Even worse, those words are coming from your mouth because you can’t stand just watching your kids play video games all day long and forgetting about important things like bathroom breaks, eating and blinking. The good news is you’ve

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The Wonderful World of Corrugated Recycling

May 12, 2016
EPS_wonderful corrugated recycling

If you take nothing else from this post, know this: Corrugated paper is amazingly easy to recycle, and if you’re not recycling it, you should. There, you can stop reading. Wait! Don’t go. For more inspiration, check out these facts from Recycling cardboard only takes 75% of the energy needed to make new cardboard.

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Reusable Packaging Ideas to Spark Your Imagination

May 10, 2016
idea and energy concept Light bulb in soil

The Three Rs of sustainability are engrained into our culture: Reduce, reuse and, lest we forget, recycle. They’re pretty easy to understand when it comes to packaging sustainability. Use recycled products and make packaging that is recyclable. Reduce the amount of packaging you’re using. Finally, create processes and designs with reuse in mind. So what

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Throwback Thursday: Hilarious Handmade Mother’s Day Cards

May 5, 2016
Happy mothers day card made by a child

We admire creativity at all ages, and these homemade Mother’s Day cards are no exception. For this Throwback Thursday, we celebrate the pure humor that only children can deliver. Happy Mother’s Day! When thinking of gifts to give to a loved one, never underestimate the power of a card made from a simple packaging material

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It’s a Paper Bag! It’s a Backpack! It’s PaperJohn!

May 3, 2016
Paper John Backpack_blog header

When you think innovative, new concepts in the world of paper products, you might think of our Cardboard Chaos series where we make a snowboard, surfboard, and even a guitar. Paper bags are probably the last things that come to mind. But German company OGATA UG took the basic paper bag concept and turned it

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Building an Entire Office Out of Cardboard

April 28, 2016
EPS_cardboard office_blog header

You know that we love the challenge of utilizing cardboard where it’s never been used before here at Ernest—after all, we’re the ones who built a cardboard Fender guitar, skateboard, snowboard and push bike. But we’ve got to give props to Amsterdam-based interior design firm Nothing. They didn’t just build cardboard in their office. They

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Raise Your Plastic Single-Serve Cups of Wine

April 26, 2016
EPS_wine toast

Lift up your glass of wine and say “Cheers!” to single-serve wine packaging design! Don’t worry if you don’t hear that classic clink of glass stemware because these bad boys are made out of plastic. Single-serving wine has enjoyed increased popularity in recent years. Copa di Vino made a splash on Shark Tank back in

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Seaweed To Save Our Seas?

April 21, 2016

Plastic packaging is everywhere! And while it has its benefits (namely, its ability to hold materials heavier than its own weight—affordably), it creates many challenges in sustainability. Plastics, as opposed to say corrugated fiberboard or aluminum, isn’t as cost-effective to recycle in part because there are many different plastic chemical compositions. Add in the fact

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