Throwback Thursday: Upcycle Packaging Materials to Trick or Treat

October 20, 2016
EPS Halloween

We only have 11 days left to decorate for Halloween! If you hadn’t already noticed, retailers have been ready for a while to provide you with home decor, costumes and candy. For this Throwback Thursday we look back at consumer spending around this holiday and ways to upcycle packaging materials. As retailers fill aisles with all

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Fighting Counterfeit Pharmaceuticals Packaging with Innovation

October 18, 2016

We’re all about innovative packaging here at Ernest. And we’re always up for a good challenge—whether it’s to make a product shine on the shelves, decrease breakage or increase sustainability. We get pumped up for each new challenge and sometimes even create our own just to stay on top of our game. Even though we

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Throwback Thursday: 6 Amazing Tailgating Hacks for Football Season

October 13, 2016
Group Of Sports Fans Tailgating In Stadium Car Park

Football season is in full swing. The weather is starting to change in different parts of the country. It’s time for a tailgate party! And we’re looking back to these great tailgate tips for this Throwback Thursday. It’s finally gridiron season, which means time for football tailgating. Whether your buddies are heading to an NFL

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The Amazing Ways Plastic Saves Energy

October 11, 2016

We Buzzed about a World without Packaging back in 2011, and the message still rings true. The world would be a mess without packaging. Literally. Imagine grocery shopping for meat, milk and bread with no packaging. And in that scenario, it’s not just packaging, but plastics that save the day. Plastics were invented in the

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Stand Out with Unique Packaging

October 6, 2016

Package design for retail shelves is a tricky challenge. After all, your competitors are trying to sell similar products and are trying to make their brand seem like a better choice. Often, aisle after aisle, products begin to look the same and have similar characteristics and the best brands are ones that make an impact

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New Research on Recycling Availability and Utilization

October 4, 2016

The Sustainable Packaging Coalition (SPC), along with 13 other packaging and recycling industry representatives, recently completed its annual study of the availability of recycling programs in the United States. The research tests recycling program acceptance of 49 different types of packaging, giving manufacturers a view into which materials are being recycled and which are ending

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Grow Your Own Lawn Chair with the Help of Cardboard

September 29, 2016

Terra chairs are making a comeback! The Studio Nucleo design team stopped production of the grow-your-own-lawnchair design in 2005 but are ready to “grow” again. The idea is simple: Sculpted pieces of corrugated cardboard create the shape, then the furniture farmer only has to fill in the gaps with dirt, sprinkle some grass seed on

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Walmart’s Innovative Inventory Solution

September 27, 2016

Walmart is kind of the king of inventory management; they’ve got it down to a science. But starting next year, we may have to change that phrase to “they’ve got inventory management up to a science. Why? Because drones, that’s why. We’ve Buzzed about big questions regarding drone delivery before, but what Walmart is looking

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Throwback Thursday | Need Your DIM Weight? There’s an App for That!

September 22, 2016

Oh no! Not again?! Earlier this month, UPS announced U.S. rate changes that will take effect on December 26, 2016. Depending on shipping practices, increases can be experienced differently. The good news? Ernest has a DIM Weight app to keep shipping rate surprises at bay. Don’t be dim when it comes to packaging. Ernest’s brand

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Our Take on San Fran’s Styrofoam Ban

September 20, 2016

San Francisco recently passed a ban on styrofoam, or expanded polystyrene (EPS), in the city and will take effect next year. Unlike a similar law which was overturned in New York, San Fran’s ban is expected to be upheld and enacted. It is important to note that the ban doesn’t include shipments coming from outside

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