Overpacking Is Costing People (and Businesses) a Lot of Money

February 21, 2017

Americans across the country are starting to plan travel for spring break. Some will head south and others north. Maybe east or west? Any direction, what they all have in common is a desire to avoid hefty baggage fees for over packing their suitcase. And with good reason! We’ve Buzzed about the need for not

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Rethink the Old to Surprise and Delight

February 16, 2017

Close your eyes and think of something that has been around for a long time and hasn’t really changed. Okay, now open your eyes. You’ll need to keep reading to understand where we are going with this (plus your boss may think you’re asleep on the job!) What came to mind? The wheel? Maybe a

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Valentine’s Day Candy Gets Customized [Infographic]

February 14, 2017

From boxes of chocolate to little, chalky candy hearts, Valentine’s Day is a little sweeter than most holidays. With 40 million heart-shaped chocolates, 8 billion candy Sweethearts® and lots and lots of kisses (Hershey and otherwise), what’s not to love? And for retailers who specialize in candy, flowers and other romantic gifts, Cupid’s Birthday is

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What Can You Make with Packing Tape? Just About Anything

February 9, 2017

It seems the rest of the world is catching on to what we have known for years (70 years to be exact): Packaging materials can be magical. The only limit for what you can create is your imagination and an advanced engineering degree. Maybe that last part isn’t necessary, but it certainly has helped us

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Use Packaging to Show Customers How Much You Care

February 7, 2017

We like to get down to the tough questions here in The Ernest Buzz. So let’s jump into a big one: Are you insulting your product, or even worse your customers, with bad packaging? This may be a bit dramatic? Think again! A study from SealedAir found that 66% of Americans think that the packaging

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Throwback Thursday: Re-Packaging the Football Helmet for Safety

February 2, 2017
American Football Helmet

The Big Game brings out fierce competition and inspiring innovation—on the field and off.  At Ernest Packaging Solutions, we keep our eyes on the stars of the game (the product packaging in commercials, of course!). For this Throwback Thursday, we look back to how one 13 year old made safety shine with his reimagined football helmet.

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What Does Social Media Have to Do with Packaging?

January 31, 2017

You may wonder why we’re so passionate about our blog and social media accounts. Not only do they provide outlets for great stories and information, but they also promote innovative thinking within our industry. Well, our efforts haven’t gone unnoticed. In a recent Packaging Digest article, Ernest Packaging Solutions was named one of the “Most

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Throwback Thursday: How in the World Was Bubble Wrap Invented?

January 26, 2017
Bubble Wrapped Dog

Monday is National Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day, and boy oh boy, do we appreciate it?! This bubble-snapping good stuff has a very interesting and surprising history. For this Throwback Thursday, we look to how this now ubiquitous packaging inner came to life. Life is full of happy accidents, and bubble wrap happens to be one

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Ernest Packaging Solutions: Moving Packaging Forward

January 24, 2017
Ernest Team

The following article originally appeared in Fall 2016 issue of “Connecting the Dots” magazine and has been republished with permission from AFFLINK. By Michael Wilson It all started in 1946 when brothers Ernie and Charles Wilson founded Ernest Paper Company in a Los Angeles, California garage. With Ernie focused on selling and Charles running the

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Extreme Sports: Cargo Ship Edition

January 19, 2017

Packaging and shipping logistics are pretty intense stuff. Seriously! It’s a wild world out there and we have to be ready for anything – even Bigfoot! To help us, we deal with a lot of cool machinery and creative folks to make all of our awesome happen. Sometimes we get to unleash our engineering marvels

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