Ernest’s Cardboard Guitar Strikes a Chord

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Produced by: Dave Lee, Marc Wierenga

Filmed by: Marc Wierenga

Edited by: Tate MacDowell, Death Cookie Entertainment

Thanks to: Tim Wilson, Mike Martinez, Paul Waller, Fender, Brian Thrasher, Alex Perez, Linkin Park, Signal Snowboards, Jessica Kedward

Artists: Brad Delson, Chester Bennington, Sean Silas, Dennis Galuska, mike Geoghegan, Nick Saccone

The iconic Fender Stratocaster electric guitar is the stuff of legends—played by everyone from Jimi Hendrix to Bonnie Raitt, it’s synonymous with power, performance, and playability. So when Ernest and Signal Snowboards teamed up with the Fender Pro Shop to make a cardboard guitar, the biggest question was: Will it have that one-of-a-kind Strat sound?

Ernest created a rock-solid cardboard core for Fender to shape into a playable Strat. Not only did it earn Fender’s certificate of authenticity and the seal of approval from professional musicians at the National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) show, the video officially went viral with one million views in less than a week! Now that’s what we call hitting a high note. Check out the video to see for yourself what got the music world humming.

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