Ernest’s Cardboard Skateboard Takes Flight

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Produced by: Dave Lee, Marc Wierenga

Filmed by: Marc Wieringa

Additional Filming by: Tate Macdowell, Dave Lee

Edited by: Tate MacDowell, Death Cookie Entertainment

Thanks to: Paul Schmitt,, Tony Hawk Foundation, Pat Hawk, Tony Hawk, Derek Richardson, Signal Snowboards, Jessica Edward, Orville Nelson, Fleenor Paper Company

Riders: Coby Franz, Tony Hawk

When Ernest and Signal Snowboards teamed up with pro skateboard builder Paul Schmitt from, we took Cardboard Chaos to new heights—literally. Ernest president Tim Wilson, director of consulting services Mike Martinez, and Schmitt each came up with their own cardboard skateboard using a different design and materials. We took all three to a local skate park to test-ride them, then took the Signal riders’ input back to the lab to perfect the design.

Once we were sure we had it right, it was time to bring in the big guns—in this case, the original pro skater himself, Tony Hawk. To find out what the legend had to say about Ernest’s cardboard creation, watch the video.

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