Ernest’s Cardboard Surfboard Catches a Wave

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Produced by: Dave Lee, Marc Wierenga

Filmed by: Marc Wierenga

Edited by: Tate MacDowell, Death Cookie Entertainment

Thanks to: Jeff “Doc” Lausch, Amber Lausch, Mac, John Griffin, Vince Longo, Ryan List, Todd Glaser, Larry Beard

Riders: Sam Archaga, Brennan Clarke, Jeff Deffenbaugh, CJ Kanuha

For the second video in this series we took to the water, teaming up once again with the guys from Signal Snowboards as well as our friends at Future Fins and Surf Prescriptions to create a totally tubular paper surfboard. Ernest’s director of consulting services Mike Martinez got crafty duplicating a foam core using corrugated paper, to be shaped and finned by surf-world legends.

Once the board was ready to ride, we hit the beach and enlisted pro surfer CJ Kahuna to see if it could actually catch a wave. (Ernest president Tim Wilson even paddled out for a few!) Check out the video to see this wild ride for yourself, dude.

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