Rolling on a Cardboard Bike

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Produced by: Dave Lee, Marc Wierenga

Filmed by:Marc Wierenga

Edited by: Tate MacDowell, Death Cookie Entertainment

Thanks to:, Michael McConnell, Kelly McConnell, Dana Michels

Riders: Dylan McConnell, Helena Michels, Lotus Lee, Daniel Sobel

For this installment, Ernest teamed up with Prince Lionheart to keep the innovation rolling with a paper pushbike for kids. This cardboard creation is lightweight, durable, and eco-friendly—it’s also pedal-less, making it the perfect bike for learners, and a great way to roll.

The folks at Prince Lionheart liked it so much they took it to the North American Toy Fair to show it off. And the guys at Signal liked it so much, they wanted one of their own. Check out the video to see how we get it in gear!

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