Boeing’s Metal Innovation Got Us Thinking about Package Redesign

Have you heard of Moore’s Law? In simple terms, it’s the belief that computing technology will double in speed and power every two years. And over the last 40 years it has, more or less, been correct. Or should we say Moore or less? We’ve got jokes for days over h... Read more

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Temperature-sensitive products need a solution that maintains the perfect environment and protects your cargo. We’ve done some cool things with our proprietary TempEndure® system.

For products that have to be kept at a consistent temperature, you need solutions that are sure to keep your precious cargo safe. That’s TempEndure® engineered systems. This proprietary cold chain management solution is unique to Ernest and offers the only fully integrated, sustainable approach for creating customized packaging with its own internal environment.

Our cold chain packaging experts will help you select from a range of refrigerants, insulators, outer protection and inner containers to create the ideal environment to meet your specs. When temperature and time matter, we have the solutions to help you keep your cool.

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When your product needs to keep its cool, Ernest TempEndure is your best bet. See for yourself.

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