The Limitless Possibilities of Corrugated

Where some people see a stack of corrugated cardboard, others see something else. They see a robot, a race track or even a skateboard. No, these people don’t need to have their eyes checked! They have imagination!  Right now, the Global Cardboard Challenge is underwa... Read more

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Put your packaging to the test.

Does your package effectively protect your product? Are you 100% sure? Let Ernest’s experts put it to the test before you start shipping.

Every product has different packaging needs, from cold chain requirements to food. Before you start shipping, let Ernest’s experts put your packaging design to the test. Our Innovations Lab offers a full range of testing and validation options to ensure your packaging delivers the safety and stability you need to ship with confidence. And if your package doesn’t pass the Ernest test, we have the design capabilities to help ensure your product makes it to market safely.

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