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Advanced BioHealing
Our thermal protection expertise enables successful product distribution.

" Ernest understands that our needs are complex and our standards are high. Still, they rise to the challenges and exceed our expectations."
Shawn M. Schaffer, Ph.D., Executive Director, Quality and Regulatory

As the producer and distributor of Dermagraft™, a break-through product for the treatment of diabetic foot ulcers, Advanced BioHealing is poised to expand its role as one of the premier regenerative medicine companies in the world. As their advisor on the critical elements of thermal protection, packaging and shipping, Ernest is poised to help.

Dermagraft™, a next-generation bioengineered tissue product, carries stringent temperature requirements of -75˚±10˚C for at least 96 hours during shipping and temporary storage. So from Ernest’s design of the TempEndure™ system, to assisting with the writing of related testing protocols, to sourcing portions of independent testing and validation… the results were what counted. Ultimately, it was Ernest’s understanding of the entire process, coupled with their willingness to take on every aspect, that made it possible to meet Advanced BioHealing’s needs.

Chocolate Bakery.com
We're helping deliver award winning hand-made cakes to their customers – no matter where they may be.

"The process to create our packaging was very collaborative in nature."
Bruce Parks, Owner, Chocolate Bakery.com

When Chocolate Bakery.com wanted to find a more environmentally friendly, and more effective shipping solution, TempEndure was their recipe for success.

A decadent treat delivered right to your doorstep, that's Chocolate Bakery.com's business model. The challenge was finding a packaging and shipping insulation solution that kept their beautiful cakes cool and protected.

Originally Chocolate Bakery.com was using a Styrofoam lined shipper that kept the cakes cold for up to 24 hours. Unfortunately, this limited the shipping radius and was not great for the environment. Styrofoam is extremely harmful to the environment and is banned internationally so it can't be used in shipping. It is also extremely brittle so it won’t stand up to rigorous handling. Chocolate Bakery.com approached Ernest Packaging to find a better solution.

Today Chocolate Bakery.com packages its cakes in a TempEndure foam-lined pouch using dry ice. As the ice dissipates, the gas escapes through micro holes in the bag and a protective bubble is created for the cake. It's the ideal temperature controlled, cushioned environment and allows the company to ship internationally with its 36 hour shelf life. Even better, it's an environmentally friendly solution. The TempEndure package reduces the shipping weight and carbon footprint and is completely recyclable. It's the ideal temperature controlled, cushioned environment and allows the company to ship internationally with its 36 hour shelf life. Even better, it's an environmentally friendly solution. The TempEndure package reduces the shipping weight and carbon footprint and is completely recyclable.

Dean Foods / Swiss Dairy
A new corrugated shipper made from 100% recycled material helps save.

" Ernest delivers beyond our expectations. They really understand our needs… and our customers' needs."
Nick R. Van Hoogmoed, General Manager

Dean Foods/Swiss Dairy is the nation’s largest processor and distributor of milk and other dairy products, as well as the leading manufacturer of soymilk, organic milk, and other organic foods.

For many years, Swiss Dairy and Ernest have tackled the challenges of dairy product packaging together, balancing the need for quality with the goals of cost management. So it came as no surprise when Ernest was asked to evaluate the potential of changing milk carton outer packaging from corrugated master cartons to stretch wrapped multi-packs. The results also came as no surprise. Eliminating the corrugated would also eliminate its precious insulating properties, such as extended transport time for the consumer as well as the dairy.

Instead, Ernest recommended a new corrugated shipper, made from 100% recycled kraft. Ultimately, Swiss Dairy, their customers and the environment are all the better for the change.

Family Cord Blood Services: A California Cryobank Company
A custom temperature-controlled kit increases convenience and peace of mind.

" Ernest crafts a solution to our every issue. Then, they go the extra mile to make sure it is perfect for our needs."
Dr. Charles A. Sims, Co-Founder and Medical Director
Gary D. Weinhouse, Esq., Chief Executive Officer and General Counsel

California Cryobank’s Family Cord Blood Services has pioneered a natural, controversy-free method of acquiring stem cells from umbilical cord blood, for many critical care applications.

To ensure viability, cord blood must maintain a specific temperature range from the time it is collected in the hospital’s labor and delivery room… to the time it is tested in Cryobank’s lab. Understanding the total challenge, Ernest went beyond the temperature-sensitive elements to also consider cord blood collection, packaging and shipping. The result is a unique kit comprised of integrated TempEndure™ components in a modular design to make it easier for patients, nurses and physicians to package and ship specimens.

Driven by compassion and technical know-how, both Family Cord Blood Services and its parent, California Cryobank, are helping an ever-growing number of people realize their dreams of raising healthy children. Ernest is proud to help in their quest.

International Breast Milk Project and Prolacta Bioscience
We're ensuring orphaned children in Africa get the early nutrition they need.

" Ernest cares about more than their individual clients. They care about their local communities and even world communities. It’s a company of genuinely good people from top to bottom."
Jill Youse, Founder and Executive Director, International Breast Milk Project
Joe Fournell, Vice President, Operations, Prolacta Bioscience

The International Breast Milk Project provides US donor breast milk to children orphaned by HIV/AIDS in Africa, where it has been found that infants who receive breast milk will have a 6 times greater chance of survival in the first two months of life. Prolacta is the pioneer in human milk-based nutritional products for critically ill and premature infants. Together, they are working to make a difference in the lives of the world’s smallest and most vulnerable human beings.

So when Ernest had the opportunity to facilitate shipments of breast milk to Africa, knowing that their donation of TempEndure™ coolers would be used to directly provide orphans with a greater chance of survival – there was no question other than “how many would you like?”

Kalco Lighting
A sustainable custom-designed carton saves material, energy, and freight costs.

" Sustainability, source reduction and savings. Ernest is a great partner – and I don’t mean vendor, I mean partner."
Dennis White, Operations Manager

Meticulous craftsmanship and a commitment to excellence are the core principles underlying Kalco’s leadership position in the decorative lighting industry. Indeed, Kalco transforms any fixture from a functional existence to an original piece of art.

Kalco’s philosophy extends to their strong sense of responsibility concerning matters of sustainable packaging, where they turned to Ernest for help. The recommendation may sound simple in concept: reduce the footprint of packages by eliminating the traditional crates in favor of a custom-designed, 100% curbside-recyclable corrugated carton, and reduce the thickness of stretch film. In development, the solution actually involved complex studies, multiple prototypes and testing.

In implementation, the amount of source reduction is huge, both in production and at job sites. The amount of energy savings is considerable. The amount of savings on freight costs is substantial. Some might call it a triple; we see it as a home run.

Kings County California
Effective green cleaning solutions simplify janitorial and sanitation programs.

" We want to improve our environment, inside and out. With Ernest’s experience, we know we can achieve our green goals."
Kim Verdeaux, Commissioner
Jerry Shower, Superintendent

Located in the heart of California’s San Joaquin Valley, Kings County encompasses more than one thousand square miles and many thousands of lives. With offices and departments ranging from law enforcement to schools and public health, the need for effective and cost-managed janitorial and sanitary programs is obvious. With their sheer numbers, the need for green cleaning solutions is all the more critical.

To achieve the County’s dual objectives, Ernest recommended replacing their many, conventional cleaning solvents with one single product; a bona fide, green-certified multi-purpose chemical. Today, Kings County can see better results through more efficient cleaning processes. And while they can’t see their results on the environment, they can be assured that they are indeed making a difference.

L-3 Communications
Protecting the products that protect our country for more than 35 years.

"Our own employees tell stories about how our products helped save their lives during their tours of duty in the armed forces. These products would not have made it to the field without the materials we are provided by Wagner Packaging Solutions."
Donnie Frederickson, Manager, Logistics

For more than three decades, L-3 has delivered superior performance in command, control, communications, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance systems and other services to the U.S. government, allies and leading corporations throughout the world. As a top-10 defense contractor, L-3 products play a critical role in the protection and defense of freedoms worldwide.

Wagner Packaging Solutions is honored to have long supported L-3 in its important work. With space in the company’s facilities at a premium, L-3 needed a partner who could stock supplies and deliver within 24 hours. They also wanted to do their environmental part by reducing their carbon footprint. Wagner is helping make it happen. We provide packaging products made of 100% recycled materials and ensure that they are recyclable.

Maxtec Premier O2 Solutions
Packaging solutions that deliver lifesaving protection.

"The Wagner team worked with our engineers to test-ship products, ensuring that the packaging solutions met exacting standards and that our products work the first time, every time, right out of the box."
Bruce Brierley, CEO

Maxtec is a leading supplier of oxygen analysis and delivery products based in Murray, Utah. They rely on Wagner Packaging Solutions for custom packaging to ship delicate precision oxygen devices all over the world. These devices are used in operating rooms, neonatal intensive care units, nursing homes, home health care — anywhere that measuring oxygen levels can mean life or death.

In a life-threatening situation, time is of the essence. We collaborated with Maxtec to design a box and one-piece shrink film insert that holds all parts and pieces securely, in one place for fast easy access. Each oxygen device is ready to use, right out of the box, as soon as it is needed. Now that’s a breath of fresh air.

Pace Bars, Inc.
Keeping Pace in the food packaging industry.

"Wagner has worked with us to make our packaging more appealing to the customer … [and to] keep up with trends in the industry."
Ralph L. Pace, CEO

The Pace family has been making delicious food since their grandfather opened a hamburger stand in 1950 in Bountiful, Utah. Since those days, Pace children and grandchildren have served customers at Pace’s Dairy Ann, and delivered ice cream bars and popsicles directly to consumers’ homes.

Today, Pace frozen treats are packaged in colorful boxes and plastic bags with the help of Wagner Packaging Solutions. These products are then delivered to major grocery retailers in seven states, including Wal-Mart, Target, Smith’s and Associated Food Stores. Wagner has worked closely with the Pace team to make sure they are staying current with industry trends and keeping competitive in the freezer aisle.

Regis Corporation
New packaging materials reduce costs and environmental impact.

" Ernest looks beyond the obvious to explore all aspects of a project. Then, they transition from ideas to solutions."
Bruce McMahon, Vice President of Logistics
Eric Reddish, General Manager

Regis Corporation is the beauty industry’s global leader in beauty salons, hair restoration centers, cosmetology education and professional hair-care products. They are also leaders in matters of environmental stewardship.

With more than 10,000 salons in North America, their daily product shipments consume a staggering amount of packaging materials. Which is why Regis asked Ernest to evaluate their overall packaging processes.

While Ernest’s recommendation to change from a polyurethane-based inner cushioning material to a paper-based product will actually yield savings of approximately 30%, as well as improved product protection, there is more. Regis accomplished their most important goal: transitioning into a completely sustainable packaging alternative.

Solarlux / Nana Wall
Curb-side recyclable packaging shrinks the company's carbon footprint.

" As innovators in our industry, we feel an inherent responsibility to take the lead on matters of environmental citizenship. Ernest is helping us on our journey."
Helge Biernath, President

Perceiving an unmet need for flexible solutions to large architectural openings, the founders of Nana Wall Systems delivered their first wood-framed, opening glass wall in 1986. Today, they are the dominant provider of opening glass walls in North America.

As innovators, Nana Wall is always striving for new solutions, in every aspect of their business. When they were seeking to reduce the footprint of their packaging on the planet, they asked Ernest for help.

Today, they have replaced crates that once consisted of petroleum-based products, wood, metal staples and foam inserts… with a 100% curbside-recyclable package that yields a better design, reduced shipping costs and improved product protection.

Innovators once again.

For such precious cargo, Stemcyte counts on TempEndure.

"We have one of the best solutions in the industry."
Calvin Cole, Vice President, North America, StemCyte

Cord blood banking helps new moms and dads protect their children's future health. For such precious cargo, Stemcyte counts on TempEndure.

When Stemcyte customers walk into the hospital for the birth of their baby, they have a new, all-in-one case for sending their cord blood off to be banked. Not only is this easy-to-use kit more convenient, but it also gives parents the peace of mind of knowing that the precious stem cells in their cord blood will be thermally protected during the trip to the banking facility.

To update its collection kit, Stemcyte turned to Ernest Packaging Solutions for the latest temperature control technologies. Working collaboratively with the company, Ernest's packaging engineers developed and tested a new, smaller kit that delivers optimal thermal protection using the TempEndure insulated shipping system.

Now Stemcyte customers know that when they take advantage of the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to collect this valuable source of building blocks for blood, organs, tissue and the immune system, it's optimally protected throughout the shipping process. That's the power of TempEndure.

Teamwork Athletic Apparel
Our green expertise enables achievement of corporate green goals.

" In a business climate that is barraged with products claiming to be green, it’s hard to distinguish between real and faux. We can always count on Ernest to find the truth that’s not always in the advertising."
Matthew Lehrer, President

Teamwork Athletic Apparel is a leading manufacturer of athletic uniforms for men, women and children, with thousands of SKUs in inventory and overriding benchmarks of quality and value. Their mantra, “Beyond Exceptional”, is applied to every realm of their business, from customer service to production processes. It is also applied to the intensity with which they are adopting green operating standards.

Knowing of Teamwork’s philosophy and commitment, Ernest was honored when they were contacted for their green expertise in facilities management. As they replaced conventional cleaning chemicals, papers and systems with Green Seal™ certified products, Ernest knew that they were helping Teamwork to achieve their green goals. Ernest also knew that Teamwork would realize additional benefits such as better cleaning results, fewer odors, and reduced costs.

Beyond Exceptional? Maybe. Beyond the Obvious? Definitely.

Waggers Pet Products
Fetching better packaging and increased efficiencies.

"Wagner has cut our lead times in half; the quality is superior and helps our company control inventory."
Jason Bailey, CEO

Waggers Pet Products, based in Calgary, Alberta, produces grain-free, natural pet products for cats and dogs, using meat and vegetable ingredients. The company has three plants in the U.S., including one in Springville, Utah.

When it came to designing packaging for the Waggers products that would leave American retailers begging for more, Wagner Packaging Solutions had the answer. We also provide packaging materials for half of the Waggers product line. What takes other suppliers upward of three months of lead time to deliver, Wagner is able to provide in just three weeks. And we do it with a smile. It’s this kind of service that has kept Waggers’ and other clients’ tails wagging.

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