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Everyone at Ernest is a leader in their own way. When you’re committed to customer service to the extent we are, it comes naturally. Get to know the people who are dedicated to your success.

Photo of A. Charles Wilson
A. Charles Wilson Chairman, CEO LOS ANGELES, CA
Photo of Tim Wilson
Tim Wilson President LOS ANGELES, CA
Photo of Brian Porter
Brian Porter Vice President of Client Relations LOS ANGELES, CA
Photo of Mike Pichotta
Mike Pichotta Vice President of Operations LOS ANGELES, CA
Photo of Karri Wolten
Karri Wolten Vice President of Finance LOS ANGELES, CA
Photo of Vince Vincent
Vince Vincent Vice President of Talent LOS ANGELES, CA
Photo of Travis Smith
Travis Smith Regional VP - Northwest Portland, OR
Photo of Scott Gardner
Scott Gardner Chief Marketing Officer LOS ANGELES, CA
Photo of Pallet Guy
Pallet Guy Ambassador of Woodshop Facilities LOS ANGELES, CA

Snapshot of a legacy

Snapshot of a legacy

Charles Wilson talks about the bond he had with his brother. And how that became the foundation for what Ernest is today.

Our Culture

Chat with Charles

Watch Charles Wilson talk about following your passion and doing what you love.

Dinner with Ernest

Dinner with Ernest

Watch the Dinner with Ernest series to meet our leadership team. Watch the rest of the series!


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