The unquestionably Ernest way

For more than 65 years, we’ve taken a unique approach to packaging and business. From our CURE philosophy to our green initiatives, we don’t just talk about doing things differently, we do it!


When it comes to packaging solutions, we’ve found the CURE. What seems like just another catchy acronym is our proven approach to customer success. A customer-first mentality isn’t necessarily groundbreaking. What makes the CURE different is our relentless consistency in implementation and our unwavering commitment to doing whatever it takes to deliver real results. Experience the difference.



Commit all our resources toward our customers’ success.

Our customers want solutions! We work as an integrated part of their team, drawing on all the expertise and resources throughout our entire network to find the best path.

Understand our customers’ needs and objectives.

Every customer is unique, and so are their challenges. Rather than using a pre-designed solution, we develop solutions to fit our customers’ needs.

Respond quickly with effective solutions at managed cost.

Ernest is always mindful of quality and cost effectiveness. We try to anticipate and overcome obstacles that might arise due to changing market conditions.

Establish true partnerships.

We work together openly and effectively from day one to create long-term relationships where we can optimize success for years to come. Ernest has enjoyed customer relationships that have lasted over 50 years. Long term is our life.

Go with green.

We do more than talk the talk, we walk the walk. While we help our clients implement sustainable business practices and products, we’re doing the same throughout our facilities —from high-efficiency lighting and clean-burning diesel delivery trucks to a comprehensive recycling program and maintenance with green cleaning products. In fact, our San Diego location was awarded a Bronze Star from the Department of Housing and Urban Development for being a green facility. It’s our sustainable path forward.


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Sustainable practices are good for business. Let Ernest show you how to make your packaging more green.

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