Paperback Writer: Packaging Gets Musical

September 12, 2014

We’ve seen lots of incredible things that have been done with packaging material, but we rarely HEAR about the cool things that it can do. A few months ago, we told you about a really wild Swiss art artist named Zimoun who makes musical installation pieces that create ambient noise with corrugated paper. Here’s a little refresher:cardboard guitar

(photo from )

Fine art is alright, but we prefer something a little more volume. So here are a few examples of times that packaging has rock and rolled all night and partied every day.

Minneapolis’ Ellis Drum Shop turned some basic boxes and a hi-hat into a bonfide drum kit. It looks like it took him 15 minutes to build the kit and decades to build himself into a seriously great drummer!

If you’re more into hip hop, we have something for you, too. Late one night at a mail center, the employees figured out how to drop a sick beat using only bubble wrap. This is really incredible, but did they not have any customers during this whole time?!

And now one for the jazz hounds. Christos Tsonias made a classical guitar using copies of Time magazine for the body. Listen to him play the Dave Brubeck jazz staple “Take Five”. Dig it, man. Dig it.

And we couldn’t let you go without sharing these incredible paper (and completely unplayable) replicas of the Beatles instruments from artist Chris Gilmour.

cardboard beatles instruments

Music and packaging have a lot in common. They both continue to evolve and innovate while using many familiar elements and tools. At Ernest we’re always looking for creative ways to move packaging forward — just like we’re going to do in a few weeks with our new cardboard surfboard!

If you’re looking for a packaging partner to make beautiful music with, contact us today!