Help! We Need All Packaging To Be This Awesome!

Packaging that perfectly embodies both style and substance is the aim of much of the work done within the packaging industry. But achieving it is easier said than done.

And that’s why those of us at Ernest Packaging Solutions are SO IN LOVE with help! The drug company effectively peddles its goods in packaging that exudes both style and substance — in a manner that’s so slick and clean that it’s the definition of “effortless.”

Check out their goods:

What's Wrong -- Help Packaging

Help bandage packaging

How great are the helpful text snippets (“I have a headache,” “I have an aching body,” etc.) and the sleek fonts?

And guess what? The packaging is biodegradable, as it’s made from 100 percent post-industrial waste and plastic derived from corn.

Hats off to help for the company’s superior packaging! We admire the creativity and packaging prowess that go into your designs.

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