Nintendo and Gaming Companies Take It To the Next Level

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There’s no denying Nintendo’s Super Mario is the world’s most popular plumber, even if we don’t condone his box-bashing habits. That being said, we’d love to see him meet his match against some boxes of our own design! The mustachioed hero jumps to a new home this July as Nintendo is set to release their latest handheld video game system, the New Nintendo 2DS XL.

Aside from being a mouthful, the NN2DSXL is the sixth (!) member of the 3DS line of systems, first launched in 2011 as a dual-screened, glasses-less 3D-capable device. Over the years the 3DS has seen its fair share of revisions: larger screens, snappier processors, and even the loss of its namesake feature as interest in 3D media wavers!


And Nintendo’s not the only one doing it, either. Competitors Sony and Microsoft have each engineered two revisions of their respective flagship gaming devices: one a souped-up powerhouse iteration, as well as an entry-level version that’s friendlier on the budget.

We’ve come a long way since the monolithic, seemingly eternal arcade cabinets of yesteryear. Today’s video game giants are always on the move to reposition themselves as the market revolves around them. New technologies are adopted on the fly to appeal to new customer bases who may not have given them a chance before, and their continued success reads like a page out of our own book.

In our 70 years of business, we’ve seen the packaging market evolve around us dramatically. At Ernest Packaging Solutions, we welcome change. We revel in it. If there’s a new problem that arises due to new demands, you can bet your bottom dollar we’re looking for a solution to take it to the next level.

So if later this year the industry faces an influx of plumbers smashing packages, you know we’ll be on the scene with the right packaging and technology solution. Give us a call to see how our proprietary solutions can help you create game-changing packaging for your winning products.

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