Pinterest For Your Food Or Beverage Brand

If you’ve missed meteoric rise of Pinterest, the site that allows you to create photo albums of online images to share with your followers, you’re probably still waiting for your monthly 1,000 Free Hours of AOL discs in the mail. It’s the hot new site online. On Pinterest it’s the images, designs and fashion that you love that counts.

Packaging has long been important to food and beverage brands. Iconic brands, from Coca-Cola to Campbell’s Soup to M&M’s to Wonder Bread, are easily spotted by their packaging — practically all the way from the grocery store parking lot.

Now brands are realizing they can also incredibly visible online.

And the trendiest place of late to show off food and beverage products and their packaging is Pinterest.

Proponents of Pinterest — which has been called by many users “a never-ending magazine” — love the social media channel’s highly visual format, ease of use, and focus on do-it-yourself projects and recipes.

So what are some things you might want to think about when starting up your brand’s Pinterest account?

  • Pin Your Brand’s Values and Your Audience’s Interests. Convey your brand’s values while also appealing to your consumer base’s lifestyle interests if you want to have a popular page.
  • Conduct Contests. Contest ideas vary far and wide on Pinterest, but they all seem to do well at engaging followers. Give followers a chance to get collaborative and involved, and of course win prizes.
  • Be Active. The number of Pinterest users has quickly skyrocketed to about 17.8 million, according to CNN. With that number of users, your pinboard has the potential to introduce your brand to an immense number of new consumers.

Remember, too, that if you need some good-looking packaging to feature on your Pinterest page, look no further than Ernest Packaging Solutions. We’re here to help. Contact us today to see what we can do for you.

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