Spotlight on San Jose State University’s Packaging Program

Ah, to be young again.

Some of us here at Ernest have fairly recent memories of what it’s like to be a spring chicken. And most definitely, a large chunk of us are still quite young at heart.

So it is with fond memories, big smiles, and open arms that we embrace the best and brightest up-and-comers in the packaging industry.

And many of those future leaders in innovation and problem-solving might just be coming out of San José State University’s Packaging Program. The program, located at the school in San José, Calif., is one of a small number of programs around the country that offer a degree in packaging.

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Students at SJSU learn to use their ingenuity and creativity to develop and test their work, to create more effective packaging, to protect the environment, to cut costs, and much more related to the rising packaging industry.

The students in the school also have a Student Packaging Association, which includes guest speakers and extracurriculars, and just sounds overall really rad. One of the association’s favorite projects of the year? Why, the Egg Drop, of course! How cool is that? It’s almost certain that students seeking degrees outside the packaging major have to be pretty jealous of that awesome opportunity.

And the folks in this packaging program seem to be genuinely fun to be around and have an excellent sense of humor, too! Under the “Current Students” page of the SJSU Packaging Program website is the hilarious–yet accurate!–declaration, “You Won’t Disappoint Your Parents!” Truer words have never been spoken (erm, typed).

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