We’re On Board With This Augmented Reality Game

You know we’re packaging geeks here at Ernest. Whether it’s cardboard, paper, plastic or any other material under the sun, we’re always excited to nerd out about its potential use in packaging. But did you know we’re big board game geeks too? Today we’re taking a look at a new board game that blurs the lines between the real world and your smart device.

KOSKI describes itself as a “mixed-reality game.” When you empty the box on the table, you’ll find components like any other game on the market: wooden blocks and colorful chits packaged in a handsome wooden package. But that’s where the similarities between KOSKI and the other games on your shelf end.

Photo courtesy of Nikola Zelmanovic

When you open up the KOSKI app on your iPad, the game board you’ve assembled comes to life. Utilizing your tablet’s camera, a tiny character begins navigating the world you’ve created for him. He jumps between pillars, grows trees and even creates waterfalls!

We would be remiss if we didn’t mention the cool box KOSKI comes in. It’s a sleek wooden box that looks at home on a nice bookshelf, but it elegantly incorporates itself into the playing experience. The magnetic game board can be placed on top of the box to raise the playing area, and it doubles as the box’s lid when you flip it back over. It even comes with a wooden stand to hold your iPad. They really did think of everything!

At a time when children spend so much time glued to screens, KOSKI is a breath of fresh air that combines augmented reality with board games in a unique way. Touching the iPad’s screen doesn’t do anything; it simply acts as a companion to the physical pieces players must manipulate to win.

Photo courtesy of KOSKI

While we’re excited to sit down and enjoy how KOSKI is pushing board games by integrating technology, we’re even more excited to see where augmented reality takes the world of packaging. Just imagine the implications: what if your consumers could interact with your package in the digital world?

There’s a whole new layer of value waiting to be added to our industry, and you can rest assured we have our finger on the pulse. In the meantime, there’s a lot you can do to deliver value to your customer. Read our white paper to see how you can transform your packaging!

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