‘Boxtrolls’ Hit the Big Screen

Hollywood is finally booking the “box” in “box office”!

In its third stop-motion film, LAIKA Studios and Focus Features bring cardboard to the big screen in “The Boxtrolls.” It’s the story of a cavern-dwelling “new breed of family” that takes viewers underground — down a cardboard slide — to find a quirky and loving world of trash-collecting trolls who have adopted an orphaned human boy, Egg.

Each of the 3D-animated trolls wears a cardboard box, much like a turtle shell, on an adventure to defeat the town villain that threatens their underground home. Excitement around the film has already reached audiences even before the film opening, September 26. Focus Features teamed with the Imagination Foundation for its “Global Cardboard Challenge,” encouraging children to create whatever they can imagine with recycled materials.

There’s no shortage of imagination and innovation in the making of this film. The “replacement” method, pioneered by Laika, enlists the use of 3D printers to create new brows and mouths of each character, which are then replaced for each shot. With all that imagination comes boxes full of patience on the part of the creators.

Ernest Packaging Solutions also uses similar 3D technology. We create three-dimensional renderings of packages and retail displays for our customers — allowing them to see lifelike mockups of the work that our design team has created for them.

“The Boxtrolls” isn’t the only cool cardboard flick to be released this month. Check out our new Ernest Cardboard Chaos video in which we made a cardboard surfboard!

We might not be trolls, but we still know a lot about boxes — and pallets and bubble wrap and all-things packaging. Contact us today, and we’ll turn your packaging into a star!

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