Glamping: A New Spin On An American Pastime

Camping is one of the *coolest* summer activities in existence. It’s been around since forever ago, but we’ve started noticing that camping has been repackaged! The biggest ongoing trend of the past few years: glamping!

“Glamping” is an awesome mashup of two concepts: glamour and camping. It packages together the beauty of the outdoors with the comforts of home, including splashy tents or other lodging, electricity, and other fancy, fabulous fare!

Check out a few glamping-worthy items below:

Watermelon tent —

watermelon tent

image via our Facebook page

Glam-tastic lodging, complete with bed, dresser and rug —


image via

**QUIRKY** VW tent —

VW tent

image via

Amazing, right? We sure appreciate a trend that infuses creativity and flair into a traditional concept. Just like Ernest Packaging Solutions’ engineers did when they created this packaging for BMX legend Eddie Fiola. His BMX packaging had to be fun, edgy and environmentally­ conscious, just like the Fiola brand.

If you’re looking for a partner that can infuse some glamour and creativity into your packaging ­­ whether your products are tents, chandeliers or cakes ­­contact Ernest Packaging Solutions today!

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