PalletGuy Crates a Jeep!

Hi folks, Pallet Guy here. So, I know we all love my boss, President Tim and the Ernest Challenge video series, but I have a question , could Tim crate a jeep in 30 seconds? And NOT get hurt?! Because this challenge came in to my team at the wood shop and look at how we handled it:

BOOYA! Pretty good for a 90 lb. guy made of wood, huh?

Yeah, I gotta tell you, I haven’t been this excited about a challenge since the Lumberjack World Championship tree climbing event back in ’98!

So, I’m going to let my buddy Jay Heard, head of the Pallet Guy team explain what went down, Jay? “Thanks Pallet guy, well one of our customers sold the Jeep to a Vietnam vet in Minnesota (who) needed it shipped to his house. This was quite challenging for two reasons: 1.) Getting cars properly packaged so that they don’t move during transit can be difficult and 2.) The PalletGuy team had a tight timeline for completing the project.

But as you can see in the video, our team sailed through the challenge — no problem! No bruises, no black eyes and — with the expert-built crate!

And listen to this! The crate is going to be multi-functional:

The Vietnam veteran will use the crate as a shack for ice fishing in Minnesota this winter! How cool is that?

And oh yeah – there’s more! For Jay this was a walk down memory lane. “The coolest part of this project was to see one of the Jeeps we used when I was in the Marine Corps over 30 years ago,” said Jay.

Congrats to my incredible team for driving this challenge ALL the way home! Want to know more about what we can do? Check out my new website: and connect with me on LinkedIn. And Tim – don’t worry, we still love the Ernest challenges and look forward to the next one.

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