Re-Packaging the Football Helmet for Safety

Are you ready for some football!?!

We sure are!

As packaging experts, we  get a little extra food for thought from a football game. You see, we can’t help but fixate on how the most prominent packaging we’re seeing throughout the game (football helmets) might be protecting the precious cargo inside (athletes’ noggins).

These are all questions we ask ourselves: How are helmets made? What kind of materials are used? How can they be improved?

And we’re not the only ones thinking about this! Check out this innovative re-packaging of the helmet, as imagined by a 13 year old:

Pretty incredible idea, eh? It just goes to show that innovation can come from any source, and a simple re-imagining of a product that already exists can add incredible value.

At Ernest Packaging Solutions, we’re also *ALWAYS* seeking out ways to make our existing packaging solutions even better! In addition, we put as much care into your packaging solutions as goes into engineering life-saving football helmets.

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