Super-Cool Food And Beverage Packaging Roundup

If there’s anything that we’re head-over-heels for at Ernest Packaging Solutions, it’s amazingly innovative food and beverage packaging!

We’ve seen it all, from packaging used to ship food to the Olympic games, to edible packaging, to the coolest food packaging for kids (the lunchbox).

But at this time, we’d like to take a moment to linger on food and beverage packaging that is awesome based on aesthetic merit alone.

Check out some of the coolest beverage packaging design we’ve seen as of late:

Crystal Head Vodka Bottle

The packaging for Crystal Head Vodka — a brand created in part by Dan Aykroyd — is the perfect shelf decor for fans of the clear spirit … and Hamlet.

Tea And Sugar

This adorable concept for tea-and-sugar packaging rolls everything you need for tea time into one!

Coca Cola Concept

A student’s Coca-Cola concept packaging puts a masculine spin on Coke Zero, and a feminine spin on Coke Light.

And for a fun little spin on food “packaging,” take a look at these cool, untraditional takes on food presentation!

Rubik's Cake

This Rubik’s Cake is perfection!

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