Throwback Thursday > Glamping: A New Spin on an American Pastime

Ahh…Memorial Day Weekend! The time we take pause to remember all who have sacrificed so much for our freedom is held near and dear here at Ernest. We honor the men and women who have served, including many of our Ernest team members—Charles Wilson to name one. Perhaps a little “glamping” can set the scene for your Memorial Day pause…

Camping is one of the *coolest* summer activities in existence. It’s been around since forever ago, but we’ve started noticing that camping has been repackaged! The biggest ongoing trend of the past few years: glamping!

“Glamping” is an awesome mashup of two concepts: glamour and camping. It packages together the beauty of the outdoors with the comforts of home, including splashy tents or other lodging, electricity, and other fancy, fabulous fare!

Check out a few glamping-worthy items below:

Watermelon tent —

watermelon tent

image via our Facebook page

Glam-tastic lodging, complete with bed, dresser and rug —


image via

**QUIRKY** VW tent —

VW tent

image via

Amazing, right? We sure appreciate a trend that infuses creativity and flair into a traditional concept. Just like Ernest Packaging Solutions’ engineers did when they created this packaging for BMX legend Eddie Fiola. His BMX packaging had to be fun, edgy and environmentally­ conscious, just like the Fiola brand.

If you’re looking for a partner that can infuse some glamour and creativity into your packaging ­­ whether your products are tents, chandeliers or cakes ­­contact Ernest Packaging Solutions today!

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