Throwback Thursday: Hilarious Handmade Mother’s Day Cards

We admire creativity at all ages, and these homemade Mother’s Day cards are no exception. For this Throwback Thursday, we celebrate the pure humor that only children can deliver. Happy Mother’s Day!

When thinking of gifts to give to a loved one, never underestimate the power of a card made from a simple packaging material — paper — and a pen; after all, the greatest and most cherished of all gifts come straight from the heart.

But sometimes, even when those gifts are coming from the heart, the messages can wander a little off course. Perhaps no occasion illustrates this better than Mother’s Day. Check out these hilarious handmade cards from well-meaning kids to see just what we mean:

And just for good measure, here’s another giggle-worthy handmade Mother’s Day gift:

All gifts to Mom are even more special if they are packaged from the heart. How do you treat your customers? We at Ernest can help you make that special connection!

Have a Happy Mother’s Day from all of us at Ernest Packaging Solutions! And be sure to share any laugh-inducing homemade Mother’s Day gifts that you encounter on our Twitter or Facebook pages!

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