Throwback Thursday: Re-Packaging Your Holiday Celebrations with The Ernest Family

It’s holiday cheer all around here at Ernest Packaging Solutions. Our team is busy, busy with year-end solutions for our partners and ramping up for an amazing New Year. We’ve found some time to reflect on the innovative (and sometimes quirky) ways people get crafty for this holiday Throwback Thursday. Enjoy!

At Ernest Packaging Solutions, we’re always looking for new, creative ways to do things — and the ways we celebrate the holidays are no exception! So to get inspired for an eclectic holiday season, we dug up a few super rad holiday photos from some revolutionary folks online, and we’d like to share them with you!

Check out these great ideas for re-packaging your holiday season so that your inspiration for the holidays is boosted to the maximum Quirk Factor!

Wrapping paper kitchen

Giftwrap kitchen
image via

Begin your season with some — AHEM! — festive decorations.

Dinosaur Christmas tree

Christmas dinosaur
image via

Be sure to add personal touches to your holiday decor by incorporating some of your favorite things and making them festive — you know, like dinosaurs decorated as a Christmas tree.

Christmas pizza

Holiday pizza
image via

Put a creative spin on the traditional holiday dinner.

Christmas lights wrapped around wrapping paper tube

Christmas lights wrapped around wrapping paper tube
image via

And use your smarts to make clean-up after the holidays quick and painless — like with this innovative use of a wrapping paper tube!

Happy holidays from the Ernest Family of Companies! Wishing you a safe, happy and quirky season!!!


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