What Do Baseball and Packaging Have in Common?

As the regular Major League Baseball season winds down and the start of the 2013 World Series nears, we’ve got baseball on the brain!

“But what in the world do baseball and packaging have in common?” you might be asking (you’re on a packaging blog, after all!).

For players like the New York Yankees’ pitcher Mariano Rivera, there’s actually a *very* strong tie. Check out what we mean in the video below:

Can you imagine … a corrugated baseball glove! Rivera must have been a pretty innovative kid to come up with the concept! We like his style – perhaps because we’re quite the innovators ourselves. 😉

Think about how a catcher’s mitt has been engineered to withstand a hard ball hurtling toward a catcher’s hand at 90 miles per hour … that’s pretty darn effective packaging for the catcher’s hand! At Ernest Packaging Solutions, we apply the same cutting-edge technology and special care to your packaging as is found in catchers’ mitts.

Looking for a resourceful, innovative and trailblazing packaging partner to pitch with?  Contact Ernest Packaging Solutions today!

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