Save Money While Saving The Earth: Avoid Wasteful Packaging

Are you burning up profits and burning up resources too? What are you some kind of pyromaniac or do you just need a little help getting the green side of your business running?

The statistics concerning wasteful packaging in our country are staggering. As it turns out, Americans in recent years have thrown out 78.5 million tons of packaging annually.


That’s heavier than more than 20 million average-sized elephants! Of that massive garbage pile, only about 43 percent of it is recycled, according to Mother Jones. And not surprisingly, those wasteful numbers really spike around the holiday season between Thanksgiving and New Year’s, when Americans produce in excess of 1 million tons of extra garbage per week. Um, yikes.

This leaves those in company leadership positions with a lot to think about. On the business side: “What is this doing to our bottom line?” And on the more human, environmental and altruistic side: “What is this doing to our planet?”

At Ernest Packaging Solutions, we thought long and hard about both of these questions and how we can help those business leaders who come to us considering the same thoughts.

We stick to the classic three pillars of sustainability — reduce, reuse, recycle — but with a twist.

Rather than being a hard-lined absolute, sustainable packaging works as a continuum of improvement. Thus, even the smallest progress is a worthwhile step toward success. To make those steps toward success, Ernest Packaging Solutions has formed strategic alliances with many resources that aid in even the most difficult of challenges calling for creative solutions.

We find ways to reduce virgin materials and eliminate superflous packaging. And we strive to implement usages of materials that can be reused over and over again.

Additionally, recycling is commonly thought of in fairly black-and-white terms. Stuff is recyclable, or it’s not. That means when post-production waste and other scrap come into the picture, recycling is dismissed as a possibility.

Not so fast! From the facial tissue manufacturer looking to recycle lotion-impregnated tissues to the producer of trading cards with two-sided, ultraviolet coating and foil stamping, Ernest Packaging Solutions has the connections to facilitate successful recycling of the most unusual materials.

Our client success stories, from Kings County in California to Kalco Lighting range far and wide and speak volumes about what we can do not only to help your company save money, but also to do your part in saving the environment, too. Contact Ernest Packaging Solutions today to see how we can help you avoid wasteful packaging.

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