Employee Appreciation Day Honors Your Most Valuable Resource!

Whether we’re talking about 3D printing or parachutes that deliver sandwiches, we love innovation and cutting-edge technology here at Ernest. However, all of the greatest gadgets and gizmos wouldn’t exist without one key element: smart and hardworking people!

Tomorrow is Employee Appreciation Day, a day to honor our coworkers and colleagues who make big things happen every day! We love sharing our exciting projects — the Cardboard Chaos video series, work that we’ve done for customers, our appearance on CBS Los Angeles — and we have a tremendous team to thank for all of these!

But it’s not just our team that’s great. We’re hope that you believe in your coworkers as much as we believe in ours. Your workforce is your greatest resource for innovation and success. Therefore, you have to treat them well — and not just on Employee Appreciation Day!

Here are a few ways to make sure that you’re taking care of your team:

1. Recognize them.

According to a recent survey, workers are desperate to get recognized for their good work! Praise for a job well done fuels people to work even harder.

2. Trust them.

In the same survey, workers said that they wanted autonomy to do their jobs. If you’ve hired good workers, give them space and don’t micromanage them.

3. Have fun!

If you’re spending at least 40 hours at your job every week, you want to be somewhere that you enjoy! Of course, this might not be the best way to make your office more fun …

Hopefully your great team and ours can work together soon on your next packaging project. Contact us today to get the conversation started.


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