Ernest Packaging Solutions Wants YOU!

Everyone loves an underdog. Rocky Balboa. Hoosiers. Daniel Larusso, The Karate Kid. David of “David & Goliath” fame. Bobby Fischer. Rudy. That’s just to name a few.

And now, you can add “Ernest Packaging Solutions” to your list of favorite underdogs.

The team took Best of Show for the Ernest Edge video at the American Advertising Federation’s Silicon Valley competition, and we’re definitely still swooning over the honor bestowed on this awesome video.

Now, the Ernest Edge video is heading upward and onward to the national Addy Awards competition! Still haven’t seen the video? Check it out below.

We’re pretty much vibrating with excitement about Nationals over here, but at the same time, we know we’re the underdog in this giant competition. And that’s why WE WANT YOU!

The Ernest Packaging Solutions team would like to thank everyone for all the support that’s been put behind the Ernest Edge video thus far. We’d also like to say in advance that we appreciate any more rooting you can do for us, your favorite underdog! So please spread the word about our video — post it on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, everywhere! Blog about it to your family, to all your friends,  to those you want to be your friends, to not-so-close friends and to friends that you keep your distance from!

Get The Little Engine That Could roaring! The National Addy Awards will be held in conjunction with ADMERICA! 2012 on Tuesday, June 5, 2012. We need your support now!

Want to learn more about Ernest Packaging Solutions and all the innovative packaging solutions we dream up? Click here to understand more about what makes us different from the competition — aside from our cheesy jokes and fabulous dance moves (you know you’re jealous!), of course.

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