Ernest Welcomes General Manager Brian Theodore

This week, Ernest welcomes its newest general manager Brian Theodore to its ranks. Brian brings 20 years of packaging experience to Ernest, along with a mild addiction to late night tacos and buffalo wings.  He will be heading up the San Diego operations.

We sat down with Brian to ask him the earnest scoop about his experience in the packaging industry, what attracted him to the company and why bubble wrap is his favorite packing material.

Ernest Packaging Solutions: What’s your favorite packing material and how is that a metaphor for your life?

Brian Theodore: Bubble wrap. Because it’s sure fun to pop those little suckers.

EPS: What are your hobbies?

BT: Surfing and running.

EPS: What are your weaknesses?

BT: My weaknesses are Pizza Port and late night runs to the Taco Shop.

EPS: We also understand you enjoy hot wings. Where’s your favorite wing place?

BT: Oggis Wings are the best.

EPS: What’s the best packing strategy for shipping wings across country?

BT: I’m not the right person to ask that question. I’ve never tried to ship wings, but if I did, I’d eat them before they would make it into the packaging container.

EPS: In the interview process, I’ve heard that you think it’s entirely reasonable for Ernest to surpass Apple in innovation during your tenure. Is that true?

BT: Ha, ha. I don’t remember putting it quite like that, but I will say this: After 20 years of experience in the packaging industry, I believe that Ernest has the right market perspective and the courage to pursue solutions where others won’t.

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