Smarts In The Place Where You’d Least Expect ‘Em

We have a lot of brain power here at Ernest Packaging Solutions, which is probably not something you would expect from a “box factory.” Frankly, we blame The Simpsons for setting the public perception on our industry back 50 years.

Warning: Poor quality filming below!

But in opposition of such a highly coordinated smear campaign, we’re anything but boring and definitely not dull. See, to make a packaging company that works, you need engineers, designers, creative folks and more.

In a roundabout way (pun intended) we’re kind of like a NASCAR pit crew. North Carolina’s Welsh Packaging, our latest addition to the Ernest Family of Companies, could definitely attest to that.

NASCAR fans know that every person on a racing team is likely to have an advanced degree in physics or engineering. It’s the only way to stay competitive. Team owner Richard Childress said in this interview, “I think we’re a lot more engineering driven than this sport gets credit for. I know everything thinks in Formula One, they are so engineer driven. But if you came here and saw all these tools and equipment and people we have that it takes to run that, you’d find out we’re quite sophisticated when it comes to engineering.”

People on the outside may think of NASCAR as driving in circles really fast, but like all good things there is more to it than that. And if you think those people building and driving those cars aren’t smart, well you better be the one wearing a helmet because you may just get hit with a wayward lug nut.
And if you still think a trip to the box factory will bore you to tears, just remember how many creative and bright people are needed to turn that pile of corrugated into something amazing.

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