Reusable Packaging Ideas to Spark Your Imagination

The Three Rs of sustainability are engrained into our culture: Reduce, reuse and, lest we forget, recycle. They’re pretty easy to understand when it comes to packaging sustainability. Use recycled products and make packaging that is recyclable. Reduce the amount of packaging you’re using. Finally, create processes and designs with reuse in mind.

So what does reuse look like in packaging? It can take many forms. For instance, one of our customers creates large chandelier and light displays for places like casinos and hotels. We created a new packaging system for them that reused many of the components over multiple shipments, providing safer handling and cost reduction.

Not every good idea for reusable packaging needs to be so macro, though. Some of the most innovative ideas can be small ones. Here are a few of our favorites.

The Amazing Shirt/Shipper Coat Hanger

Not only does this shirt ship in its own coat hanger, but it also gives you a good reason to hang up your t-shirts—and not just throw them into the nearest open drawer.



The Illuminating Light with Built-In Stand

Shipping fragile items like light bulbs has never been so clever. Use the packaging container as a stand or as a housing unit and lighten up your world while reducing waste.



The Bundle of Cords with a Bundle for Cords

Few things are less appealing and frustrating than a jumble of knotted cords. Now that everything we own must be charged, that only makes keeping cords organized even more of a challenge. That’s why this cord package design comes with its own collection of simple cord ties.


Go Big with Ernest Packaging Solutions

Of course, you could always go even deeper and take packaging materials and turn them into tools of the extreme sports variety. We’re talking snowboards, surfboards and skateboards here, folks! There is no limit to our imagination when it comes to taking average products and turning them into something remarkable.

Learn more about custom package design, sustainability solution and more by contacting us today. We are ready to tackle any challenge you can throw at us!

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