Use Good Packaging to Take the Surprise out of Online Shopping

People love surprises. In a world with surprise parties and surprise puppies, what’s not to love? Well, there is the other kind of surprise – the kind you get when the unexpected happens, and it doesn’t involve birthday cake or puppies.

Instead, it involves something like this:

Screen Shot 2016-09-06 at 9.58.38 AM


In the above example, we clearly see the 0.1m length printed on the box, but that is a strange way to say 10 cm or 3 inches. What’s more, the packaging is large giving the illusion of a longer cord. Is this creating a good customer experience or does it run the risk of making consumers feel cheated?

Online shopping takes a greater share of the retail market every year, and with that growth are increasing numbers of surprised customers (and not in a good way). Some of these poor experiences are due to consumer error; some are due to poor product listings. All of them make the consumer a little more suspicious of purchasing online.

We blog about the need for good packaging as part of your brand promise all the time, and we’re not going to stop because it really is that important. Additionally, the more premium the product and higher the price, the more packaging plays a role in creating a perceived value. When taking your commerce online, packaging not only creates a perceived value but builds trust equity helping consumers feel good about the purchase.

Which is why you should make your packaging part of the online shopping experience.

Take Purple Mattresses as an example. In addition to having one of the best sales videos around, they also showcase the packaging and delivery right on their website.



Make good packaging and use it to your advantage at all stages in the buying cycle. Build trust by showing a dedication to good customer experience with the brand (which includes the package) and not just the product (which needs the package to get from Point A to Point B).

Want to learn how? Give Ernest Packaging Solutions a call today and say “Help! I need my packaging to communicate and illustrate my brand promise.” Or just say “Hi, I’d like to talk about a custom package solution.” Either one works.

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