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Client Appreciation Day

At Ernest, we can’t begin to express our gratitude for the customers we get to serve throughout
our communities. But what we CAN do is gather together and have a little celebration. That’s
where our Client Appreciation Day comes in. Once a year, we invite our customers, vendors,
friends and neighbors to break bread and to break down what’s going on in our industry. Whether
it’s learning about a new product from one of our trusted vendors or meeting up with an old
friend you haven’t seen in ages, the whole day is designed to get people together. Because at 77
years young, we understand connecting with others is still the best thing in our business.
Check out the Client Appreciation Day time and date at the Ernest location nearest you, then
mark your calendar. We can’t wait to say “Thank you” in person.

Please fill out the information in the form below to RSVP to one of our events near you!
Once your info is submitted, you’ll receive a confirmation email and reminder for the event.
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    Ernest Packaging BBQ
    Ernest Packaging BBQ
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