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Cool Design Thinking for Hot Business Advantage

Ernest heats up the Commodity Forwarders cold-chain with a custom designed, proprietary solution that protects perishables in transit from heat, light, and loss.

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Ernest and Smart Cups: Changing the drinking game

When you’re revolutionizing the energy drink market, you don’t want a run of the mill packaging partner. That’s why Smart Cups came to Ernest when it needed a technical and eye-catching package developed. Now they’re drinking up the success.

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Martin Door Case Study: Ernest Opens the Door to Value

Martin Door's custom-designed garage doors add curb appeal and security to any home or business. Find out how Ernest added value and efficiency for this state-of-the-art company.

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Ernest and Leatherman: Premium Packaging for a Premium Product

When Leatherman Tools created the world’s first ever multi-tool watch, they needed a premium packaging solution befitting this stylish product. Ernest had the right tools for the job—design, engineering, and innovation.

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Ernest Packaging and Edelbrock Auto Parts

Discover how Ernest helped specialty auto parts-maker Edelbrock save space, money, and stress. When Ernest has your back, business can only get better.

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Form Follows Function: Engineering a Unique Cold Chain Solution

When it comes to unique packaging needs, no challenge is too great for Ernest. Just look at what we did for this leading global provider of specialty materials when their breakthrough biomedical product required a breakthrough cold chain solution.

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Brick and Mortar Grocers, Amazon Believes in You Wholly

Guest post by Greg Feinberg, President and CEO of retail experience marketing firm Aisle 9 Group Amazon’s acquisition of Whole Foods is not an indication that the brick and mortar grocery business is going away. Amazon’s acquisition of Whole Foods is an admission that the grocery business was never going to be overtaken by online

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Ernest Equips Boman Kemp For Success

In addition to designing and engineering packaging solutions, Ernest offers innovation technical support and services for packaging equipment and processes. See how we equipped Boman Kemp for success

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Unboxing Better Customer Experiences

Videos of people opening boxes are garnering millions of views on Youtube. What’s behind the fascination with watching other people open packaging, and what does it say about how packaging affects user experience? We’ll explain what your business can learn from this trend.

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Packaging Design is More Than a Process: It’s an Art

When your food product packaging design shines, your product performs well on the shelves. Learn how the right design can protect your product, make it pop in crowded stores, and create a personal connection with consumers.

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Ernest's Cardboard Stratocaster Hits a High Note

When Ernest was challenged to build a legendary Fender Stratocaster electric guitar out of cardboard, we set out to engineer a rock solid cardboard core that could match the strength of the guitar’s traditional maple core—and its iconic sound. Lean how we did it.

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Ernest to the Rescue: Operational Efficiency Gets an Overhaul

The Challenge Frameworks Assa Abloy, a Houston-based interior aluminum window and door frame manufacturer and an Assa Abloy company, needed to improve its logistical efficiency. Packaging large construction materials for shipping across the country was slow and tedious work, impacting the bottom line, worker safety and employee morale. “We had one employee who was getting

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Product Packaging Design: Your 5-point Plan

Shipping your product is great for business, but only if it arrives undamaged. Follow these five steps to discover how engineering the right packaging will protect your product and your success.

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Food Product Packaging: Engineering for Increased Demand

When it comes to food product packaging, many businesses overlook a key opportunity to boost customer satisfaction and send product sailing off the shelves. Learn how engineering better packaging can increase your sales, and turn cost into added value.

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Powering up pallets: Your warehouse packaging how-to

In today’s crowded market, your pallet needs to pack a punch, not just your product. Find out how a whole package approach can get you ahead and get the most out of your packaging dollar.

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Corrugated Innovation: No Pedal Bike Case Study

It’s not only about the materials you have, but how you use them, when it comes to creating custom solutions for unique challenges. Learn how innovative packaging design can impact industries and make the world a little more magical.

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Behind the Scenes of Ernest's Cardboard Snowboard

Ernest partnered with Signal Snowboards to create an environmentally friendly, 100% recyclable snowboard made out of cardboard. Ernest’s Mike Martinez will pull back the curtain to show the challenges and solutions his team discovered.

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No More Brown Box: Branding Your B2B Packaging to Define Your Customer Experience

B2B packaging is an often overlooked platform to tell your customers more about who you are, how you are different and why they should continue to work with you. Learn why branding your boxes, mailers, envelopes and more is crucial to your business.

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Ernest to the Rescue: Airline Packaging Flies First Class

In our newest Ernest to the Rescue, we set out to help the friendly skies stay a little more comfortable! The Challenge: Zodiac Aircraft Systems is a manufacturer of aircraft cabin interiors products — things like reclining seats for long flights, oxygen systems and overhead panels. Once the products are built, they need to be

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Ernest to the Rescue: Cape Seasonings’ Snack Packaging Stands Up Under Pressure

The Problem Cape Seasonings has a twisted take on pretzels and chips. The Delaware-based company makes bite-size snacks that are made only with real, natural ingredients. No additives, preservatives, gluten or GMOs. Just the good stuff. Of course, that’s not the only reason to buy them. “It doesn’t matter how healthy something is if it

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Ernest to the Rescue: When Pallets Go Oo La La

The Problem Ton Savon, a leading manufacturer of private label bath and beauty products from the South of France, experienced a successful launch of soaps sold at Costco. When it was ready to pitch Costco with a new French hand cream, Ton Savon recruited Ernest Packaging Solutions. The two companies had worked together on a

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Ernest to the Rescue: Custom Bags Transform Nut Brand

The Problem Ever go nuts opening a bag of nuts, wishing you could reseal it and prevent it from tipping over and out all over the place? Then the nuts go stale. That’s bad news for you, but it’s even worse news for the nut company. You just had a bad experience with their food,

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Ernest to the Rescue: Packaging Delivers Healthy Snacks to Office

The Problem If you’re like many employees, some time in the midafternoon you get hangry — that terrible place where your hunger turns to anger. Like a wild animal, you scavange through the office breakroom for something to eat. If you’re lucky, you find some stale junk food snack that’s 130% sugar. This, of course,

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Ernest To The Rescue: Flower Packaging Comes Into Bloom

The Problem Imagine this situation: Your mom’s birthday is next week, so you decide to have some really nice flowers sent to her. You order them online, and your mom gets a box in the mail a few days later. She opens it up to find some very lovely flowers … that have been crushed

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