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Faye has all the skills—
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This is Faye Buchheister

Faye Buchheister is not your average client relationship manager. In fact, when it comes to sales, she’s in a league of her own—endlessly energetic, passionate, dedicated, and driven. Maybe that’s why her team calls her the Mickey Mantle of packaging. Many of them will tell you that they wouldn’t be where they are today without her leadership and support.

Faye is the first one up in the morning and the last to leave at night. She’s friendly, resourceful, independent, and has more integrity in her little finger than some folks have from head to toe. Despite the fact that she’s our number one client relationship manager—not just in her division, in the whole company—you’ll never hear her boasting about it. And that makes her success even sweeter.

Just like Ernest’s founding fathers (or rather, brothers) Faye built her business from the ground up. She got her start in packaging as a secretary for Union Paper Co, where she learned the ropes by doing the work—hers and everyone else’s. She recalls, “I was the ‘Girl Friday’ with three sales people. I’d make outside calls, then I’d go back in and do everybody’s paperwork for them, too.” She was quickly promoted to be a salesperson, and when they needed a new manager she raised her hand. That meant in addition to spending hours each day making sales calls, Faye was buying product, handling trucks, negotiating deals, and running the whole organization.

When Union Paper was sold, Calvey Packaging in Sacramento contacted Faye to see if she wanted to open a division in Reno. Always committed to her clients, she started working her territory from her house (more Ernest parallels). Once again, Faye was doing it all—selling, buying, ordering and organizing. Her operation soon outgrew her kitchen, and she started hiring administrators and sales associates who were as driven as she was. She found a warehouse to move into and officially opened the Reno branch.

Many of the folks she brought on board at Calvey stayed with Faye for the long haul. Her sales partner, “Big Al” Dart, who worked with Faye at Union Paper Co, Calvey, and Ernest, says, “Faye always gave everyone a chance, and a lot of people here wouldn’t have been successful without her. She treats everyone with great kindness, no matter what position they’re in. She’s so good to us all.”

Twenty-two years ago when Ernest acquired Calvey, Faye decided to “see where this goes” out of dedication to her customers and her team. (What a lucky day for Ernest.) It’s that commitment that got her to the top, and her drive to do the right thing for her customers that keeps her there.

Faye loves getting up early to get her paperwork out of the way so she can hit the road and start making her rounds. “I love people,” Faye says, “and I love my customers.” She makes sure she sees all of them in person at least once a week, often more, and has long relationships with many of her accounts that span years, sometimes decades. Faye loves working for Ernest because no matter how big we get, we still have what she calls the, “independent Wilson flavor.” (Sounds a lot like her.)

“All my customers know when it’s Faye Day.”

Working with people for over 30 years has taught Faye a thing or two—not just about people, but also about life. Like how to enjoy it while also doing the best job you can. These days Faye is a dedicated grandmother as well as a golfer, a watersports enthusiast, a traveler, and a chef. Once upon a time she was even a competitive speed skater. (She’s originally from Grants Pass, Oregon.) She’s been to almost every state in the country and is looking forward to even more traveling and golf in the future.

So what’s the secret to Faye’s success?

“It’s simple: Tell people what you can do. Give them true expectations and follow through. If you have an issue with a customer, go deal with it right away—no matter how hard it is. They’ll respect you, you respect them, and you can have a few laughs along the way. It doesn’t have to be difficult. It’s all about being a team and seeing what you can do.”

Sounds like good advice to us.

Kyle serves his customers
like he served his country

This is Kyle Hand

For our Las Vegas-based client relationship manager Kyle Hand, the keys to success in sales are work, routine, and discipline. “If you put in the effort,” he says, “you’ll see the rewards.” When you’ve spent six years in the military and earned a Bronze Star like Kyle has, it’s pretty clear that putting in the effort is in your blood.

While Kyle doesn’t like to talk about it, his military service record is impressive—and humbling. He joined the Army after going through a rough patch in his teens, clashing with his parents, and being kicked out of the house before eventually dropping out of school. He went on to earn his GED, but soon found himself at a crossroads, unsure of what to do next. Living in San Diego and having both a grandfather and stepdad who were in the military, he decided to join the Army. After completing his basic training, Kyle was stationed at Fort Hood, Texas, when the 9/11 attacks saw his fourth infantry division deployed to Iraq. He was 21.

“It was an eye-opening experience,” says Kyle, who was deployed for three of his six years of service. Just two months into his first tour, his unit came under “active engagement” while on night patrol. Kyle pulled in a wounded buddy while under fire, gave him first aid, and called in medevac—all while fending off the group of 10 to 15 men attacking them. Kyle’s actions that day earned him the Bronze Star, a medal awarded for heroic achievement or service in a combat zone.

Despite how hard being deployed in an active combat zone was, it wasn’t all bad. At the same time Kyle was in Iraq, his brother was off the coast on a Navy ship and his stepdad, who was in the National Guard, was also on the ground in Iraq. About six months into his tour, Kyle was on a mail run when he got word that a nearby unit was under attack. He went to help suppress the enemy and provide first aid. When he saw the license plate of the vehicle that was under attack, he realized it was his dad’s unit. He ran around to the other side of the truck, and there he was.

“I ran up and gave him a big hug,” Kyle says. “After that experience my relationship with my parents did a complete 180. I earned their respect, and all our problems went away.”

While his actions were heroic, his time in Iraq also left him with PTSD. After his second tour, during which he lost several friends, he left the Army to pursue his education. He continued to give back though, working as a military analyst at the national training center for six years where he helped prepare soon to be deployed troops for what to expect. He was even promoted to the Department of Defense. But after meeting his wife and having his two sons, Kyle was ready for a change. “I didn’t want to be defined only by being military.”

Kyle completed his degree online and moved his family to Las Vegas, where he worked in HVAC and as a maintenance engineer at Bally’s before finding his place at Ernest. While he still talks to vets in support groups, today his focus is on the future, not the past. “It’s something to be proud of, but not something to brag about. You push on, work your best, and provide for your family. I just want to make sure my boys are raised with respect and dignity.”

We’re proud to call Kyle a member of our family and we couldn’t have more respect for what he’s accomplished—both then and now. As for the secret to his success in sales, that’s easy.


“My customers trust me because they know I’ll take care of them. If I tell someone I’m going to do something, I do it.”


On behalf of everyone at Ernest, we want to thank Kyle and all the men and women who’ve served in uniform.

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