Our Custom Advantage is Our Customer Connection

Whether you need added protection, have a uniquely shaped product, or are looking for better efficiencies, our team is here to help. When it comes to custom solutions, we take a consultative approach to designing best-value options. Our focus on solutions has helped us grow our woodshop production from humble beginnings to an operation that uses almost 2.4 Million Board Feet of lumber each year. End to end, it adds up to 454 miles of 12”x12”x1” thick lumber. That’s almost enough to stretch from San Diego to San Francisco!

It all starts with a visit to your facility, a tape measure, and series of thoughtful questions. Even if we’re starting with an existing spec, we consider things you might not even think about.

  • Does it require blocking and bracing?
  • What happens if the crate gets dropped?
  • What kind of cushioning do we need?
  • Will you reuse the package?
  • Could the crate be used for something else? (One of our crates is being repurposed as an ice fishing shack in Minnesota.)

We take all of this information back to the woodshop and engineer the best options to meet your unique objectives.

Our Innovations

  • An Incredibly Efficient Crate »
  • Designed to Minimize Damage »
  • Detailed Design Reduces Damage »
  • Thinking Outside the Crate »
  • Packed Securely, Promoted Widely »
  • An All-Purpose Answer »
  • Redesigned for Loading Efficiency »

An Incredibly Efficient Crate

When a local medical equipment manufacturer came to us to design and fabricate an improved crate for its CT Scan imaging components, our challenges were to upgrade quality, lower costs, and maintain a readily available inventory to meet their growing needs. Working collaboratively with the customer, we developed a unique five-drawer crate to house multiple units in a single shipment.

This breakthrough design dramatically cut damage down to a negligible amount by protecting the equipment with fitted foam cradles inside the crate drawers and a strapping technique for extra support and protection. While the new design helped reduce damage claims and lowered overall shipping and crating labor costs, the biggest benefit came as a surprise. The quality and solid construction allowed the company to reuse the crates multiple times for significant cost savings. Today, we also build and maintain up to a 60-day supply of crates for the company through our Just-in-time Inventory service.

Designed to Minimize Damage

Minimizing the risk of damage takes on new meaning when the product you’re shipping costs $50,000. That was the issue for one of our laser company clients. They brought us their original crate and asked if we could do better. And we did. The new design with foam cushioning was lightweight and easier to pack and unpack than the company’s previous solution. By using latches in the design, we streamlined packing from a two-person to a one-person job and reduced the time it took to get it ready to ship from 20 minutes to just 5. Add to that virtually eliminating shipping damage, and you have an incredibly successful crate redesign.

Detailed Design Reduces Damage

Shipping heavy generators to third-world countries would challenge any crate design. When a local manufacturer came to us for a better solution, we combined foam, wood, and creative flair for a different approach. The updated design allows the generator to “float” in foam to minimize shock. We also incorporated added side protection and an internal frame around the product to prevent shifting in transit. Not only did these thoughtful details protect the product, they also made it easier to package and unload.

Thinking Outside the Crate

When an electronic equipment manufacturer needed to figure out how to protect its product while minimizing the size of its crate, they came to Pallet Guy and Ernest Packaging Solutions. The company ships its products overseas by airplane and has to meet strict height requirements. We looked at the crate from a totally different perspective. By moving much of the foam cushioning to the outside of the package, we were able to reduce the crate size by 3.5 inches and fly just under the height limit.

Packed Securely, Promoted Widely

A local reverse osmosis water filtration supplier came to us with a challenge — how do we securely ship more filters in the same container and get some promotional mileage out of it? We developed an open crate design that holds up to 40 filters printed with the product logo. We re-engineered a traditional structure that combines a skeleton and sheeting to securely accommodate more product while keeping it fully visible during transit for free advertising.

An All-Purpose Answer

Shipping large products internationally in corrugated packaging can be an invitation to damage. When a small medical products manufacturer approached us to help better secure its products during overseas shipping, we knew the answer was wood. By reconfiguring the products to stand upright, we prevented them from rolling around if the package was dropped. This dramatically reduced damage, and the customer has been using these same designs for almost 10 years.

Redesigned for Loading Efficiency

A local manufacturer came to us with a crate that protected its product but hampered business efficiencies. Packing up its 100-pound gas cylinders took almost an hour and they needed a time-saving solution. Our engineers redesigned the package’s block-end bracing and developed a new top and bottom solution that cut packaging time down to 20-30 minutes. This freed up labor for more productive activities and resulted in a very happy customer.

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