Design & Engineering Solutions

Finding the right solution for any situation is our specialty. Our design and engineering team can work independently or collaborate with your in-house engineers to deliver CAD drawings and specifications for your custom pallet, crating, or specialty wood solution. Our designers are Six Sigma-certified and understand all of the requirements of lean manufacturing and international shipping.

Just-In-Time Inventory & Fulfillment

For customers with space limitations or those that have high-volume output, Ernest Packaging Solutions can store ready-made packaging for up to 60 days. Alternately, we provide comprehensive fulfillment services that include packaging assembly and pack-out that can then be delivered to your location or your distribution partners. It’s just one less thing you have to worry about!

Onsight Packaging

When you simply don’t have the manpower to do your own packaging, the Ernest team can do it for you at your facility. We’ll bring your ready-built crates or pallets to your location and our team will handle all the packing. This approach can help you maximize efficiencies and get your product out the door quickly.

Product Logistics Solutions

More than just packaging partners, we can also help you improve your operations. Whether you want us to look at your manufacturing processes and help optimize packaging efficiencies, or you prefer an end-to-end outsourced packaging solution, we have the expertise and experience to help you find and implement the best approach for your company. And if a comprehensive look at your packaging feels like too much, we can start small by looking at the possibility of reusable packaging materials.

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