Sometimes you need a little more. That’s the motivation behind Ernest Packaging Solutions’ proprietary product lines. We’ve taken our decades of experience and found the perfect products for the toughest situations we’ve encountered. That means you have the best options when it matters most.

Ernest’s proprietary products give you cost-effective solutions for everything from packaging to supplies.

steelboard defy the limitsSteelBoard®

  • SteelBoard is uniquely formulated for optimal strength and toughness of corrugated sheets… and the products they protect.
  • It outperforms industry standards, with measured and verified results.
  • Provides maximum protection of package contents during the shipping process.
  • Meets and exceeds military specifications, compression endurance and performance standards as developed and measured by the American Society for Testing and Materials.
  • Meets and exceeds standards of efficacy and durability as established and monitored by the Worldwide Packaging Standards Council.

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