The TempEndure system includes outer protection, inner containers, refrigerants, and insulators that use advanced technologies for greater efficiency and better performance.

Outer Protection

TempEndure® Master Shippers

  • Engineered, structured corrugated with enhanced thermal properties based on SteelBoard Weather with K-Technology
  • Maximizes thermal capacity co-efficient of the internal shipper
  • Superior structural integrity

TempEndure® Insulated Pallet Shippers

  • TempEndure pallet shippers provide unsurpassed durability and R-25 insulation value for protecting pallet sized thermals sensitive product payloads
  • Unique interlocking 3” rigid polyurethane wall panels assemblies in minutes and fold flat when empty for reuse or storage

Inner Container

TempEndure® Lay-Flat Insulated Containers

  • Vacuum packed, open-cell urethane foam panels sandwiched between metalized nylon
  • Self-inflating system changes from flat sheet for optimal storage to a complete internal cooling system
  • Virtually self assembles with interconnected and pre-attached elements
  • Engineered internal channel design absorbs transit shock and vibration
  • Padded cells provide built-in cushioning
  • Composed of bio-based materials

TempEndure® DTS Insulated Containers

  • Integrated system designed for your application using various refrigerant and insulation components
  • Enables Dynamic Thermal Stabilization (DTS)
  • Superior protective properties to withstand multiple impacts without damage to products
  • Composed of bio-based materials
  • Cleanable and reusable


TempEndure® Gel Systems

  • Ideal for maintaining specific product temperature
  • Unique, patented double-bag design with inner and outer containment pouches to surround refrigerant for better thermal efficiency
  • 40% more thermal capacity than equivalent weight conventional gel packs
  • Water-based, non-expanding polymer eliminates risk of leakage
  • Cube shape enhances dimensional stability
  • Optimal material use reduces gel blocks required per container
  • Single-pouch packs, horizontal layering and other forms available

TempEndure® Dry Ice

  • Forms include 5/8′ or ½’ pellets, custom-cut blocks, or pre-cut, pre-bagged airline ice
  • Many forms require additional protective containment for safe handling


TempEndure® Vacuum Insulation Panels

  • Air core encapsulated by a thin, air-tight super barrier material
  • Insulation values 3-7 times the equivalent thickness of polyurethane, polystyrene foam, or other materials
  • Reduced insulation thickness reduces package size and shipping costs
  • Greater thermal control and energy efficiencies
  • Can be fabricated in virtually any size
  • Ideal for applications with space constraints that need a higher “R” value
  • Extends time for safe product shipping

TempEndure® Molded Rigid Urethane

  • Highest insulating efficiencies (“R” value)
  • Closed-cell structure for excellent thermal effectiveness to extend shipping cycles anywhere from 1-6 days
  • Adaptable to any size or shape
  • Reusable
  • Bio Based Material

TempEndure® Metalized Substrates

  • Foil laminated bubble and foam
  • Self-cushioning
  • Reduces heat gain
  • Available in various forms including pouches, pads, etc.
  • Can act as its own containment system

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