This crush test ensures your package will hold up throughout the shipping process.

Rigorous testing ensures your product is protected throughout the distribution process.

Testing during product development and certification by third-party facilities guarantees your packaging solution
performs. Rigorous testing is a critical part of the TempEndure development process. Our state-of-the-art testing facilities and highly trained personnel perform a wide range of testing methodologies including MIL, Spec, ISTA, ASTM, winter and summer thermal profiles, RSC Compression, edge crush test, Mullin testing, mechanical drop, vibration and others. For certifications, we work with third-party, independent testing facilities to guarantee that the TempEndure solution we design adheres to ISTA Thermal Controlled Transport guidelines, specifications and requirements.

Performance Testing: Delivering Outstanding Performance

Every TempEndure package undergoes extensive performance testing to ensure the best possible protection.

Benefit from extensive testing to ensure your TempEndure solution meets and exceeds your performance expectations. Developing an insulated packaging solution that performs ideally in any situation is our highest priority. We put every design through rigorous performance tests to verify efficiency and pinpoint any areas for improvement. We are committed to ensuring the highest quality shipping outcomes for all of your products.

To ensure the best possible performance, your TempEndure packaging solution will undergo these tests:

  • MIL
  • Spec
  • ISTA
  • ASTM
  • Winter and summer thermal profiles
  • RSC compression
  • Edge crush test
  • Mullin testing
  • Mechanical drop
  • Vibration and others…

Standard Insulation Comparison Performance Testing Test No. 0326993A-I

Master Shipper Performance Testing Ambient 37.1 “C” Degrees

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