When it comes to package testing toughness, no one rivals the team at Ernest. We’re here to make sure your product protection remains high, your shipping costs stay low and the impact to the earth stays at a minimum.

Shipping costs

If you’re struggling to keep shipping costs down, we’re up for the challenge. Our team of experts will consider the weight, size, proportion and the shipper’s air-cel requirements to manage costs. We’ve even developed an app where you can enter the dimensions to calculate your dim weight easily and cost effectively.

Package testing and validation

We understand that the structural requirements of your package need to stand up to the unpredictable conditions of the shipping cycle. That’s why we rigorously test and validate each package design with your specific product in mind, considering the weight, temperature constraints, structural integrity needs and duration of the shipment.


Is there a quicker, more efficient way to form your packages on the production line? Do you need a form that uses less material or better yet, one that’s 100% recyclable? We’ll look at your entire packaging process and find ways to reduce both material costs and labor costs.

Brian Porter talks with Porterhouse

Brian Porter chews the fat with his doppelganger, Porterhouse. From keeping shipping costs down to upping efficiencies across the board, these two (?) gentlemen go deep on what it means to take package design and production to the next level.

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How do you make premium packaging for a wearable multi-tool that really pops off the shelf? You cut up the rulebook and start from scratch.