Ernest Packaging Solutions Making An Appearance on ABC 30

March 27, 2012

Fresno wholesale bakery The Brownie Baker was recently featured in a two-part news segment on KFSN ABC 30 highlighting the delicious brownies, muffins, cookies and more being produced every day right here in California.

If you want to see Ernest Packaging Solutions in action, then be sure to watch the second video, as all of the boxes stacked in the back are ours! Of course, if you want to see 500 pounds of double-chocolate batter used to make their best-selling Double Chocolate Muffins, then watch the first video instead. We understand.

The Brownie Bakers mix, bake, wrap and ship thousands of product units every day, so making sure their distribution is safe and as cost effective as possible is vital for their bottom line.

And when the customers get that first bite of a Double Chocolate Muffin packaged fresh in their bakery, it’s no wonder The Brownie Bakers are preparing for growth in the near future.

We’re proud to be a part of helping a family company grow and meet their needs as they move forward. That’s what we do. We help companies large and small, with problems large and small get their product to market fast, cost-effectively, safely and in this case, deliciously.

And you can be sure the next time we see an apple danish or a brownie from The Brownie Bakers we’re just going to go ahead and buy one … it’s just for research, right?