Find joy in the journey

February 21, 2024

From pro skater to groove creator

Born in San Jose, CA, Ray Barbee strongly believes in marching to your own drum or guitar strum, as the case may be. He hit the skateboard scene hard during the late 80s and early 90s. His smooth style and innovative tricks were immediately recognizable. His name is a staple among those who list their favorite skaters of that era. Street skaters see the world differently. Unthinkable landscapes, structures and the world around us are carefully scanned for its skate-ability. It’s an added layer on top of the world we live in every day, a different kind of relationship with your surroundings.

The ultimate corrugated collab

Ray took his unique view of the world and transitioned it into a successful career as a musician. Watching Ray play guitar is similar to watching him skate. Ethereal and fluid, his style is his own. Barbee has collaborated with various artists and released albums that blend elements of jazz, blues, and soul. And the corrugated collab was no different. Recording in the Van’s studio, Ray’s effortless style made our Fender Strat sing. 

Rocking on

What does the future hold for Ray? No one knows, but you can bet he won’t stop anytime soon. Much like Cardboard Sessions and the creative team behind the corrugated creations, the sky’s the limit. Ray reminds us that “The joy is in capturing the journey.” Words to whistle to and live by. Thank you, Ray Barbee, and thanks to the unbelievable team at Signal Snowboards.