Martin Door Case Study: Ernest Opens the Door to Value

June 18, 2018


WHAM! POW! Today is a very special day for us at Ernest. You’re no doubt familiar with us as a devilishly charming and innovative packaging solutions company by day, but did you know about the super packaging power at our fingertips? Creative energy courses within us, which we use to design and engineer expert solutions for our customers. It’s Ernest to the Rescue!

Like any superhero worth their cape, we’ve got a killer backstory. Born in a humble garage in LA, Ernest battles against our arch nemesis, the boring brown box. We don’t need gadgets to fight our villain; we harness our creative powers — more powerful than a locomotive, able to reconstruct a package with a single thought! Ernest works hand in hand with our clients to market their brand, implement more sustainable materials, and streamline manufacturing and packaging processes. That’s what we in the business call a marvel of ingenuity.

Today on the blog you’ll play sidekick while we tackle a job for our client, Martin Door. Our partnership sought to save them money and increase the quality of their premium garage door packaging in one fell swoop

With Ernest, cutting costs never means cutting quality

When Ernest looks at reducing costs for our clients, packaging is just one element we consider. We look for opportunities to apply our expertise to the manufacturing of their product whenever possible, so savings can be passed on to suppliers and eventually customers. Introducing Martin Door to new materials not only raised their success rate for quality control but led to a triple-digit percentage increase in sales.

“We can now offer a lower-cost, higher-quality door thanks to Ernest stepping up and bringing in the experts,” says Mike Albert, Martin Door’s vice president of operations.

“Sales are through the roof.”







At Ernest, we know that the end product is only as good as the process that creates it. When your process is working fine, we work together to make it super. Learn more about how Ernest came to the rescue to add value and cost efficiency to this state-of-the-art company.

Download Martin Door Case Study: Ernest Opens the Door to Value today, and stay tuned for more in our Ernest to the Rescue series!