February 01, 2022



When it comes to your business, sometimes headaches turn into challenges that seem impossible to solve. But that’s when Ernest steps in with Ernest to the Rescue. We tackle any problem. Any size. Any time. And we’re also champions of change. See us in action here.

Our number one priority is helping your company succeed. We take the time to get to know your team, your business and your product—creating a package design solution that’s unique to what you need. With Ernest on your side, your package can weather the unpredictable conditions of the shipping cycle. We rigorously test and validate each package design with your product in mind.

Not only will your package remain safe from the loading dock to the doorstep, we can help lower shipping costs, too. And after the last 18+ months of skyrocketing costs, we know full well this is top of mind for your bottom line.

Our team of experts manage costs by considering the weight, size, proportion and the shipper’s air-cel requirements. And if these freight costs are weighing you down, we have an app for that. Our DIMcalc app helps you accurately measure the dimensions to make sure you’re not overpacking. Saving you time, hassle and risk of error, aka real cost savings.

Another perk of our package design? Sustainability.

At Ernest, we all know to respect our mothers. Especially Mother Nature. That’s why we look at all aspects of your business and ask questions to get you the most sustainable solutions. Is there a quicker, more efficient way to form your packages on the production line? Do you need something that uses less material? Maybe one that’s 100% recyclable? We take the entire packaging process into account to reduce material, shipping and labor costs.


Any time our clients face a challenge, it’s an opportunity to collaborate and find the perfect solution together. It’s living proof that air-tight solutions make for long-lasting partnerships.

Just ask No Toil Industries, who create cutting-edge, budget- and environmentally-friendly air filters. When demand for their product started to skyrocket, they needed a solution that would satisfy the eco-friendly requirements of their largest retailer, Amazon. To put it simply, if Amazon has to put your box into another box it’s going to cost you to the tune of $2.00 per package. Considering No Toil ships upwards of 5,000 boxes a month, this kind of fee was making a huge impact on their bottom line.

The solution? Get Ships in Own Container (SIOC) certified. It may be an Amazon requirement, but at Ernest, we know the SIOC drill well, so we created a one-panel folder box that housed the filters with a single piece of material. This singular solution checked three packaging problems off the list, by using less material, providing more warehouse space and giving better protection for the filters in transit.

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For Leatherman Tools the problem was different. When they were ready to launch their first-ever watch, the Tread Tempo, they needed a helping hand. This new, premium product needed premium packaging to match. So, our Senior Design Specialists created a sleek design in a sturdy box with an out-of-this-world unboxing experience, complete with a magnetic closure that mimicked how the watch actually functions.

Then, there was Smart Cups. This start-up company needed smart packaging design to keep their temperature-sensitive ingredients protected against UV and moisture during shipment without adding to the weight or increasing the cost. Our team developed a packaging that incorporated five nested cups with an empty cup at the top to serve as a product seal. This solution not only helped with shelf life, but it also boosted efficiency in the packaging process.

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Our clients touch almost every industry out there and there hasn’t been a problem we haven’t solved yet. Why? Because when it comes to package design, we don’t rest until we’ve found a way to help our partners breathe easier.

So, what’s giving your business a headache? Let’s find the solution together.

Give us a call or reach out to us here to learn more how package design impact your company. Or if it’s something else you can’t seem to solve, we’re at the ready to put our heads together and figure it out.

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