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Ernest to the Rescue is more than videos and case studies. It’s how we celebrate the most important part of our business: the clients we serve. In any industry. Under any circumstance. And always with a smile.

Food Packaging


Sol-ti is a beverage company based out of San Diego and founded on the premise of healthy living and sustainability. Read how Ernest brought our own fresh approach to packaging to deliver both reusable and recyclable solutions.

Smart Cups

When you’re revolutionizing the energy drink market, you don’t want a run of the mill packaging partner. That’s why Smart Cups came to Ernest when it needed a technical and eye-catching package developed. Now they’re drinking up the success.

Pizza Port

When you hear Pizza Port, you might think they called Ernest for the next new innovation in pizza box technology. That wasn’t the case. In fact, it was cases of beer. See how we took over the packaging duties and helped bring their delicious hoppy goodness to the masses.

Sunfoods Superfoods

Sunfood Superfoods products were flying off the shelves, but the company’s packaging and processes were slowing their growth. Ernest stepped in and suggested a brand new approach that delivered significant savings.

Poindexter Nut Company

When it comes to designing your food product packaging, you need to protect the product, make it pop, and create a personal customer connection. Learn how the right design can do all three, so your product flies off the shelf.

Chef Shamy

Chef Shamy started making butter in their home kitchen. But as they grew exponentially, everyone wanted their spreadable gourmet goodness in their own kitchens. They couldn’t keep up with demand. Enter Ernest Packaging.We found a custom packaging solution that helped the company automate and double their production in the process.

Consumer Products

Carolina Coops

A high-end henhouse? You read it right. Carolina Coops manufactures the “Ferrari of chicken coops” by hand in the Raleigh-Durham area. Read how Ernest not only streamlined the packaging process, but help this niche business rule the roost when it came to branding their boxes for e-comm and retail.

The Rag Company

There are rags, then there are rags from The Rag Company. The difference? Just about everything. When it comes to microfiber towels, this company shines brighter than its competition. So, to keep up with the booming demand, Ernest stepped in and polished their packaging, shipping and logistics processes.

No Toil

In 2017, No Toil thought to themselves, “If we can make motorcycle air filters that stand up to the harshest conditions on earth, we can probably make a great HVAC filter, too.” They were right. But what went wrong? They were getting hit with Amazon Overbox fees to the tune of $2 for every package. So they looked to Ernest to deliver the solution.

7 Points

7 Points came to Ernest with a seemingly simply request: create a custom jar label for their premium cannabis brand. The hard part? Get it done in just 30 days. We not only delivered. Three years later, we’ve branded their entire product line. All in their signature orange pallet to pop off the shelves. And all with sustainability in mind.


Leatherman is known around the world for their rugged multi-tool technology. But when it came to bringing their first-ever multi-tool watch to market, they wanted to make sure the packaging was as tough and sleek as the product itself. Which meant it was time to call in the professionals at Ernest.

GT Ventures

How do you fit an eight-foot beanbag into a three-foot box without the whole thing bursting at the seems? You sit down with your customer, get comfortable and find the packaging that can hold up to the rigors of some seriously enormous, vacuum-sealed bags of beans.

Color Blaze

Ernest helped Color Blaze design a packaging solution that lets customers set up the gender reveal Boom Box without spilling the beans before the big moment.

Industrial Products

Martin Door

Martin Door is one of the most high-end garage door manufacturers in the country. But as we all know, quality comes with a price. They needed to find ways to manufacture their products in a more cost-effective way, without compromising the craftsmanship. Ernest answered the call by helping them source materials more affordably, improving packaging and streamlining their processes.

Coast Aluminium

Coast Aluminum is a leading manufacturer of high quality aluminum products for architectural projects, industrial buildings and beyond. They were looking to find ways to save money through more streamlined packaging. So they called Ernest. Through just-in-time shipping and a better understanding of their supply chain, Coast Aluminum continues to shine.

Boman Kemp

In addition to designing and engineering packaging solutions, Ernest offers innovative technical support and services for packaging equipment and processes. See how we equipped Boman Kemp for success.


Dragonfly Energy

Dragonfly Energy is on a mission to make green energy available for everyone. When their orders started outpacing their operation, Ernest came to the rescue by helping them streamline and upgrade their packaging process.

Limitless USA

When your livelihood is selling electronics online, the last word you want to hear is “breakage.” At Limitless USA, they were hearing that word way too much. That’s when Ernest stepped in. By creating boxes that were customized for each type of device, complete with easy-to-assemble sectioned sleeves, the breakage went down to basically zero. And the experience went up to a 10.

Healthcare & Pharmaceutical


Shipping for the medical sector is serious business. With Spectracell, the challenge was how to ship blood specimens not only safely, but at a constant temperature. Enter Ernest. We designed a new specimen shipping solution that solved the temperature problem, plus we implemented our just-in-time inventory management to save money, space and stress.

Konica Minolta

You’re probably thinking of cameras, right? Well, Konica Minolta is also a major player in the healthcare industry. Their 20/20 Imaging division has very specific packaging needs. Whether it’s transporting fragile equipment for trade shows or shipping advanced medical imaging panels to customers. So who did they turn to when they needed this expensive equipment to arrive intact? Ernest.


Tachi Palace

Most people know Ernest as a packaging company. It’s right there in our name, after all. But we can help solve all sorts of problems, even when it comes to Jan-San. Tachi Palace called us to solve a pretty sensitive one: their customers were stealing toilet paper. So we not only resolved the tissue issue, we delivered some pretty slick facility maintenance solutions to keep the whole place cleaner.

Beauty Products

Ton Savon

Your product might look nice on the shelf, but how do you make it pretty on a pallet? That was the challenge from bath and beauty product maker Tom Savon. They landed a huge contract with a big-box warehouse store and needed their luxury hand creams to really stand out, all while adhering to the guidelines of the retailer. So we delivered the three P’s: presentation, protection and performance.

Distribution & Logistics

Commodity Forwarders Inc

For Commodity Forwarders, delivering perishables safely around the world means withstanding extreme conditions. Learn how Ernest engineered a TempEndureTM solution to protect against heat, light, and loss—driving costs down and profits up.


Westcott Designs

Westcott Designs is a go-to for high-quality aftermarket parts to trick out your truck. The tricky part? Getting those bulky components from the warehouse floor to customers’ front door. Read how Ernest zoomed in with a flexible packaging system branded with the company’s original artwork.

Edelbrock Autoparts

Weak links in your supply chain can have a serious impact on your bottom line. That’s why Edelbrock auto parts chose Ernest—a partner they can count on, even when the road gets rough.