The Ernest Challenge Comes To Life: Corrugated Boxes Cushion Parachute-less Jump

April 04, 2013

At Ernest Packaging Solutions, we take great pride in knowing that our products can stand up to any challenge, keeping the contents of the packaging safe, secure and good as new. Anyone who has seen The Ernest Challenge knows that we’ve gone through great pains to prove our mettle!

Clearly, not everyone can do what we do. In fact, we *ALWAYS* warn people not to do Tim’s trick at home, but apparently, not everyone heeds our advice …

Much to our surprise, it seems The Ernest Challenge has *actually* come to life! In a move surprisingly similar to President Tim Wilson’s jump from an airplane while wearing a bubble wrap suit, a 42-year-old copycat stuntman has successfully jumped from a helicopter without a parachute, landing on a crash pad of corrugated boxes!

Check out the real-life Ernest Challenge below!

A total of 18,600 corrugated boxes cushioned the parachute-less man’s fall, according to That’s pretty impressive, but because of all the innovations coming out of our very own Innovation Lab, Tim was able to complete the same jump AND protect our customer’s product, Pop Chips, while wearing only a bubble wrap suit! Now that is source reduction! And Tim even hit a goose on the way down! If our engineers can create such a suit to survive a fall,  think what they can do for you …

To the next person who attempts such a crazy-awesome feat: Get in touch with us at Ernest Packaging Solutions! We’ll take an innovative approach to your corrugated boxes to give you the safest, softest landing possible!

Before you sacrifice your body or your package call us!