April 10, 2020


We had a blast making the E-Team videos. We made friends. Had laughs. Hit fearmongers with folding chairs. But behind the gags lie genuine solutions. The E-Team series shows how we solve serious problems for serious clients. In today’s world, businesses are running into all sorts of issues that could hinder progress. And now more than ever, they need the brains and the brawn that the E-Team brings.

For this series, the bad boys of packaging went beyond solutions and focused on actual situations: innovation, change management, and e-commerce. And they made the customers the heroes too, which doesn’t get any truer to the spirit of Ernest.


With all that’s going on in the nation, many companies are pivoting. They’re transitioning from one manufactured product to another. To stay in our customers’ corner during these transitions, our innovations lab is essential for designing new products and delivering in new ways. And since we’re armed to the gums with state-of-the-art senior design specialists, our lab is the perfect place to test new products and packaging.


Today, companies need to be agile and adaptable, which makes our chops in change management a real asset. However, we understand the obstacles that can get in the way of getting things done. The naysayers. The people with hidden agendas. Those who think the same-old solutions will somehow work. But we’re always in our customers’ corner. By helping AST Sportswear shift from making shirts to masks. By creating custom packaging and machinery for Smart Cups energy drink. We even did a little crime fighting, by helping Tachi Palace Hotel and Casino with loss prevention, as well as handling their jan/san needs.


E-commerce is the new norm. Period. And the E-Commercenaries are ready to deliver. In light of current events, many companies are seeing a surge in their e-commerce business, impacting their manufacturing lines, as well as their freight and delivery costs. The E-Team’s job is to make sure they’re prepared. We understand the complexities of packaging food and perishables for e-commerce delivery and we’re ready to answer the call. In fact, Johnny Vegas’ brick phone is probably buzzing right now.


The E-Team may be over-the-top when the cameras are rolling. But once you hear “cut,” they get down to serious business, especially during a time when Ernest’s customers need support and solutions more than ever before. The E-Team video series is our way of stating how we not only stay ahead of the game, but help change the rules. We protect products with smart packaging design. Challenge those who fear change. Make sure e-commerce packages stay fresh. And we fight the good fight, right alongside our customers and for the communities they serve.

Check out the video below.