August 08, 2021


RESTED, REFRESHED AND READY.With the holiday break behind us, we want to put those extra carbs we consumed to good use. How? By being ready to say “How high?” even before our customers say “Jump.” Whether it’s a packaging problem that needs to be resolved, a workplace that needs to be safer and spotless or a customized solution that helps your business run better, we’re all in. And it’s on for 2021.WE TAKE PROBLEM-SOLVING PERSONALLY.There are a lot of buzz words in the business world for progress. Like Key Performance Initiatives (KPI’s) or Objectives and Key Results (OKR’s). But since it’s the New Year, we’re going with some good old fashioned R-E-S-O-L-U-T-I-O-N-S. You know, for auld lang syne. We sat down with our leadership team and asked them what they pledged to deliver in 2021. We were also able to reach Cornflake and Porterhouse on the land line for their two cents.“We’ll go all in to serve the businesses that are fighting the good fight to keep our communities and our families going!” —The Ernest Employees“I promise to not get in the way of the excellent work that the Real E-Team does each and every day to service our clients and our communities.” —Tim Wilson, President

“My sales team and I will find bigger and better ways to best serve our clients across the country.” —Brian Porter, VP of Client Relations

“I’ll make sure we work together as cohesive team to deliver the right solutions, now and into the future.” —Mike Pichotta, VP of Operations

“I’ll keep our team united through COVID and beyond. I’ll keep a keen eye out for new talent. And I’ll make sure our culture keeps the quirk while we do the work.” —Vince Vincent, VP of Talent

“My goal, for our entire team and for those we serve, is to stay safe through the pandemic and do everything I can to get access to that vaccine ASAP.” —Karri Wolten, VP of Finance

“Boo-ya! My resolution for the New Year? New gear. Hit up the innovation lab to engineer a new weapon to fight the status quo. Get some new mirrored glasses to keep my eyes on the naysayers. And I just might reupholster the Gran Torino in Ernest orange leather.” —Cornflake, Problem Assassin

“Two words: Gun. Show. I’m gonna hit the weight rack for reps and reps for the biceps and triceps. All in the name of problem-pummeling, of course.” —Porterhouse, Solutions Specialist


If you need a hand with packaging, Jan-San or any sort of innovative solution, we’re here to answer the call. Simply contact us at to speak with an Ernest Packaging representative and for a free consultation. Until then, from the entire E-Team, we wish you a happy and prosperous 2021.