October 27, 2022


What is Givember? Great question. 

The concept behind Givember is simple; it’s all about giving back to the community by working together. Each September, Ernest partners with local charities across the U.S. All 13 Ernest divisions participate, making it one of the year’s most prominent and top-priority undertakings.

Although we aim to aid each year differently, the underlying thread is always the same. A little goes a long way. Last year the team collected over 4,000 blankets to help keep those in need warm. In other years, Ernest has donated school supplies to underprivileged kids, food to hurricane-struck families and much-needed socks to shelters.

Givember 2022.

Did you know the most requested item at shelters is undergarments? Ernest did. This year, Ernest set a record-high goal of collecting 12,000 undergarments for people in need. The result? Spoiler alert. We did it, with a whopping 15,457 pairs! Every individual who participated deserves a big thank you from the bottom of our hearts. But the real heroes are the charities we partner with, working year-round to better the communities one day at a time.

Hero highlight.

Did someone say hero? Why, yes, we certainly did. The charities we partner with are the absolute heroes of the operation and the backbone of our Givember accomplishments. Let’s take a minute to highlight some of the amazing ones and the work they do.

Marjaree Mason Center

Located in Fresno, CA, the Marjaree Mason Center provides emergency and longer-term Safe Housing, along with a wide variety of support services for victims of domestic violence. Their services include safe houses, legal advocacy, counseling, crisis support, and education & training.

Star of Hope

Located in Houston, TX, Star of Hope Family of Ministries serves homeless men, women and children daily. Not only do they help with immediate crisis needs, but with longer-term life-changing, structured recovery programs focused on spiritual, educational, vocational and employment needs as well. This continuum of services is designed to restore a balanced and happy life and help these individuals and families achieve true independent living.

Brother’s Beno’s Center

Located in San Diego, Ca, Brother’s Beno’s Center has a number of organizational goals centered around supplying food, shelter and clothing for those in need while striving to help them attain self-sufficiency. Their services include food boxes, clothing items, hygienic and laundry resources, mail services and a children’s reading room, alongside community outreach programs and scholarship opportunities.

Givember and Beyond.

Givember has quickly become entrenched in the DNA of Ernest Packaging. And we’re so excited to continue our efforts in the coming years, and we couldn’t do it without you. A virtual round of applause for all of our E-Teamers/clients/community members who contributed and helped make this Givember so successful and worthwhile.

Find out more about how Ernest gets involved in its community here.